Senators Fail To Demand Answers From Kagan

ww Our previous post reveals the blatantly dishonest Commerce Clause precedent now used to abrogate the Constitution and embolden politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi to openly claim it grants to Congress unlimited power. We presented the two most important questions Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan must be forced to answer in her confirmation hearings: Does […]

The Questions Elena Kagan Must Answer

Does the Constitution impose ANY limits on federal power to intervene, regulate or control The People’s personal lives or business activities?  If so, where in the Constitution does a Supreme Court Justice find those limits? These are the questions Senators on the Judiciary Committee should ask Elena Kagan as her Confirmation hearing continues today. Even […]

Court Rules In Favor of Gun Ownership Rights

On Monday the Supreme Court published its second landmark Second Amendment, gun rights decision in modern times.  The news is good, both for individual rights and for the Constitution. Two years ago this week the Court debunked what had been, for nearly a century, the prevailing legal interpretation of the Second Amendment.  This interpretation, a […]

Obama’s Obligations to The Military

General McChrystal lost his command Tuesday after he and his aids made disrespectful remarks about the President, Vice President and civilian officials that were published in Rolling Stone Magazine.  The entire political-media establishment has piled on, in unanimous criticism of McChrystal.  But what about Obama and his team?  Were they part of the problem? Such […]

The Undeserved Loyalty of A Heroic Military Officer

Considering then-Senator Obama’s attempts to cause General David Petraeus to fail in Iraq, President Obama and America are truly fortunate that Petraeus is a dedicated patriot who is willing to put his country first. After Obama fired General McChrystal, Petraeus agreed to step down from his position as head of the military’s Central Command and […]

Court Reins In Imperious President

Scroll for Updates: On Tuesday the US District Court Judge Martin Feldman issued an injunction against the Obama Administration, prohibiting it from enforcing its moratorium on all “deep water” drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The moratorium had stopped work on 33 wells currently being drilled by companies other than BP, even though none of […]

Obama’s Border Security Extortion

Scroll down for updates Obama and the Democrats keep jabbering about “comprehensive immigration reform” as they refuse to secure the border. This 90 second video will likely “go viral” this week: Senator Kyle tells a town hall audience that President Obama told him: The problem is, if we secure the border then you all (Republicans […]

Obama’s Power Grab Will Be His Downfall

The establishment media are speculating that President Obama has lost all political capital and is too unpopular to be effective. They’re coalescing around a narrative to explain why:  The oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is Bush’s fault.  But since Obama is President now the ignorant voters blame him. The first problem with this […]

Happy Fathers Day

Contributed By the captivating Mrs. BoomerJeff The Christian husband has a high standard to live up to…It is Jesus, himself…giving of himself sacrificially out of LOVE! Across America and the world wonderful Christian husbands and fathers strive to love selflessly as Jesus did. This selfless love that Jesus modeled for husbands and fathers is the […]

Obama and BP Have Lived by The Same Sword

Even as President Obama castigates BP, he and the oil giant earned the same comeuppance as fallout from the oil spill. As the oil spill catastrophe drags on and on the President suffers his most virulent attacks from his leftist base, including the media and the environmental movement.  These are the folks who fell for […]

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