Say it Ain’t So, Joe

Political campaigns tend to be as devoid of candor as poker games, and the campaign of Barack Obama is particularly guilty.  “Golly – Reverend Wright Really Said That?  I’m shocked, shocked!!”  But in the last few days, out of the blue, we have been treated to two pieces of uncharacteristic candor from Team Obama, and […]

John Lewis’s Toxic Race Charges Against McCain

At The Saddleback Church’s Civil Forum on The Presidency last August, Pastor Rick Warren asked John McCain, “Who are the three wisest people you know that you would rely on heavily in an Administration?” Senator McCain answered, in part: I think [Congressman] John Lewis.  John Lewis was at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Had his skull […]

Media & Obama Accuse McCain of Hatred & Racism

As of Today, October 12, the Real Clear Politics average of recent media polls shows Obama ahead of McCain in the popular vote 49.7% to 41.2%, and leading in the electorial college vote by landslide proportions.  This would seem to be an odd time for the media echo chamber and the Obama Campaign to coordinate […]

Barack Obama & William Ayers: Why Should We Care?

In the prologue to his second book Barack Obama wrote what would become the conceptual foundation of his Presidential campaign. …I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views. Senator Obama went on to exploit this […]

Brokaw’s Town Hall for Dummies

On a bright summer morning in 1969, L.A. Police were called to a grisly murder scene at the hilltop home of Film Director Roman Polanski and his actress wife, Sharon Tate.  The blood soaked bodies of Ms. Tate and four other people were found in the house, on the lawn, and in a car in […]

“Senator McCain is Absolutely Right”

For every word uttered by McCain or Obama last night, the media and the blogosphere have spoken or written tens of thousands of words of speculation as to who “won.” The objective definition of “won” would have to be attracting the most undecided voters and/or moving the most voters from the opponent’s column to one’s […]

We Have Met The Enemy and He Is US (1)

aaa.again is the nom de plume of a frequent commenter who has, beginning today, agreed to be a contributing writer.  He writes from the perspective of decades of success in business, finance and entrepreneurial enterprise.   Learn more about him on the About Us page. Politicians Behaving Badly and Voters Who Love Them . Perhaps […]

Obama’s Credibility Gap Widened by Dimwitted Senators

Barack Obama’s gang of supporters in Congress has been trying to come up with some pretext to Wall Street  troubles to John McCain.  Today, with tortured logic, they contrived a connection with legislation passed in 1999.  Unfortunately for Obama their bumbling attack turned into a friendly fire fiasco. Former Senator  Phil Gramm, a genuine expert […]

The Gibson Doctrine: McCain-Palin Must Be Brought Down

On The Anniversary of 9-11 ABC’s Charles Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin and attempted to make her appear uninformed by asking her if she agreed with “The Bush Doctrine.” She didn’t know what he meant and asked for clarification, which he refused to give.  So she ventured a general answer. Finally, he sneered at her over […]

The Democrat’s Most Lionized President Prayed Out Loud!

FDR prayed out loud. In our previous post we discussed The Left’s irrational fear of religious expression, and Charles Gibson’s outrageous attempts to deceive ABC’s TV audience by misquoting remarks made by Sarah Palin to a gathering at her church. Someone should remind The Left of their roots. On the evening of June 6, 1944, […]

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