The Wisdom of Newt’s Immigration Plan

Newt Gingrich is under attack by some of his GOP rivals for his opinion that some illegal immigrants, those who have been here for decades and put down roots should be allowed to remain.  This, they charge, is  amnesty, a four letter word in their world.  The establishment media have hypocritically piled on, even though […]

Tax Hike Ultimatums Sink The Super Committee

The so-called Congressional Super Committee failed to reach a deficit reduction agreement even though success was absurdly easy:  simply adjust the “baseline” schedule of future spending by $1.2 trillion over ten years, beginning in 2013. Put another way, all they had to do was change the currently scheduled $44+ trillion of spending over ten years […]

ObamaNomics Misery Graph

If the 2011 rate of job growth continues it will take until May, 2013 for the number of jobs to equal the number in January, 2009, the beginning of the Obama Administration.

ObamaCare Ruling Will Either Restore or Destroy Liberty

If the Supreme Court rules that the ObamaCare individual mandate is permitted by the Constitution the consequences for individual liberty and the future of America will be catastrophic.  If the court strikes down the individual mandate future Congresses will be on notice that there are still limits to government’s power over the people. The Court […]

Flim Flam and Fantasy From The Super Committee

Communication from the Congressional “Super Committee” reminds us of an overused gag from “I Love Lucy” and other early TV sitcoms.   Rickey comes home from work to learn that his ditzy wife Lucy has spent money they can’t afford on something they don’t need and he doesn’t want.  Lucy assures him the unneeded trinket […]

To The Super Committee: It’s The Spending! (2)

One would never know it from all the anguish expressed by the political-media establishment, but the Congressional Super Committee’s assignment is absurdly easy. This week the august Senators and Congressmen head into their final, dramatic days of deliberations.  Their assignment is to propose $1.2 trillion of “deficit reduction” over ten years, beginning 2013. In Washington […]

To The Super Committee: It’s The Spending! (1)

We’ve been through almost a year of dramatic and acrimonious political debate about the government’s deficit, and it isn’t over yet. Much of the political media establishment has been suffering fits of anguish over alleged “austerity” and “deep cuts” being inflicted upon the defenseless government by Republicans, driven by those terrible Tea Party activists.  But […]

The Obama Jobs Crisis Grinds On

The Labor Department released its jobs report for October: Employers added 80,000 jobs, about 65% of the monthly growth in the working age population. The Unemployment rate remained tragically high, at 9.0%. If the 2011 job growth rate continues it will take until 2016 to replace the jobs lost in 2008 and 2009. The Obama […]

Self Employed Entrepreneurs Are Key to Prosperity

The chart tracks the number of self employed people and the unemployment rate from the Labor Department’s monthly and annual surveys.  It confirms what is obvious to anyone except the leftist academics, politicians and media personalities who are the “experts” President Obama cites in support of his economic schemes.  As the number of self employed […]