Bush Tax Cuts Myths and Fallacies (3)

Myth #3: Since the Bush tax cuts of 2003 “the rich” have not paid their fair share of federal income tax. President Obama and Democrat leaders in Congress have decided that income tax rates for “the rich,” those earning more than $200,000, must be increased. One of their justifications is the claim that at current […]

Bush Tax Cut Myths and Fallacies (2)

Myth: Reduced tax rates on those earning over $200,000 caused deficits. The establishment politicians and commentators who make this claim expect you to conclude that the rich paid less income tax after the Bush tax tax rate reductions than before.   This chart, showing the most recent figures available from the IRS tells the truth. As […]

Bush Tax Cut Myths and Fallacies (1)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about the future of the Bush tax cuts of 2003. Those tax cuts are scheduled to expire at the end of 2010.  If Congress doesn’t act tax rates will increase substantially in 2011.  Ms. Pelosi’s answer echoed the political-media establishment.  She wants to extend the tax cuts for lower […]

Unemployment Is The Cost of a Tax Hike on The Rich

After deliberately, adding more than $2 Trillion to the federal debt in his first 18 months in office the President and the Democrats are beginning to feel a sense of foreboding. They have suddenly pivoted from profligate spending to seeking ways to wrench more money out of the private sector into the government till. The […]

Same as It Ever Was

This parody of The Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” deserves an Oscar for wit and clever animation.  If you’re an Obama-hype skeptic invest 3.5 minutes.  You won’t regret it!  (via Ann Althouse) ;;

Biden Gaffe Confirms Congressional Negligence

“These are gigantic packages…and a lot of the people really involved don’t even know what’s inside the packages.” Thirty Second Video Vice President Biden blames lack of public approval on lack of public comprehension due to the size and complexity of Obama legislative packages. As is his wont the Vice President makes an inadvertent admission.  […]

Revenge of the Free Market

Liberty Works investigative reporter Nicki snapped this photo of the free market at work, liquidating surplus inventory of out-of-fashion products, at a rural gas station along Interstate 5 in Central California. text

Arizona Immigration Law Is Also California Law

City officials in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento have passed ordinances that seek to economically punish the people of Arizona for taking steps to stop a wave of violent crime.  Arizona’s new law empowers local police to identify illegal aliens and turn them over to federal immigration officials for deportation. These California politicians apparently […]

Obama Did Not Inherit These Deficits

President Obama held a press event Tuesday to announce appointment of his new budget director.  His remarks included: When we walked through the doors of the White House we not only faced the worst economic crisis since the great depression, we also faced a $1.3 Trillion deficit… Thus, Obama once again tried to blame the […]

USA Vs Arizona Reveals Inconvenient Truth

On Tuesday the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona in federal Court. The legal brief discloses some facts about sloppy practices in the government’s immigration “system” that most Americans do not know, but would be outraged if they did. Foreigners who are in the country legally are required to register with […]

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