Obama’s Spending Surge Bought a Feeble Economy

The First quarter 2012 GDP report was disappointing, yet again.  The economy grew a tepid 2.2% during the first quarter.  This was down from an already weak 3% in the fourth quarter of 2011.  We’re told by the political-media establishment that President Obama’s tsunami of deficit spending was a brilliant stroke that saved the economy.  […]

Obama’s Class Envy VS Economic Reality (3)

One of the Progressive Movement’s core doctrines, adapted by President Obama as a reelection campaign theme is that the economy is a zero sum battle ground where the rich face off against middle class workers with one side enjoying greater prosperity only at the expense of the other.  But in reality the interests of the […]

Obama’s Class Envy Vs Economic Reality (2)

President Obama’s standard campaign speech, already repeated to several audiences includes a new attack on millionaires: …we live in the real world, with real choices and real consequences. Right now, we’ve got significant deficits to close.  We’ve got serious investments to make to keep our economy growing.  And we can’t afford to keep spending more […]

Obama’s Class Envy Vs Economic Reality (1)

President Obama’s reelection campaign is largely an effort to influence people who don’t pay much attention to politics.  If you visit sites like this one you are probably more interested and better informed than the Obama campaign’s target audience. The President’s call for tax increases on high income earners is a good example.  It’s an […]

ObamaNomics Debunks Establishment Economists

The biggest government spending surge ever bought us the weakest jobs recovery in 80 years. After three months of moderately strong job growth the establishment media had been crowing that the economy was no longer an election issue, improving President Obama’s shot at a second term.  But then the Labor Department released a disappointing jobs […]

Obama’s Version is Not Your Father’s Constitution

Since the President and the Democrats kicked off the healthcare debate in early 2009 the political left and the establishment media have sneered dismissively at those of us who insisted the Constitution did not authorize Congress or the Executive to assume the new powers in ObamaCare. We won’t know for sure until June, but based […]