12 More Years To a Normal Job Market

The headline jobs statistics understate the depth of America’s misery and despair. The White House and President Obama’s media groupies we’re popping Champagne corks when the Labor Department released its monthly jobs report showing that the unemployment rate had fallen to 7.7% in February, from 7.9% in January.  Employers created 236,000 jobs the fifth best […]

Rand Paul’s Constitution Vs Mitt Romney’s Mush

Rand Paul’s dramatic Filibuster deserves both praise and criticism. First the (muted) criticism:  The hypothetical Senator Paul railed against, a President ordering up a drone fired missile to kill an American citizen, eating in a cafe or sleeping in his bed – in America – because he was “suspected” of terrorist associations, was too far […]

The Well-Off and the Well-Connected

Barack Obama, Senior Lobbyist for special interest tax breaks President Obama’s weekly address was about the sequester and was typical of his strident rhetoric. Acting as if he had no role in enacting the sequester law he repeated claims that tiny incremental reductions in the rate of government spending growth would “inflict pain on communities,” hurt […]