What Does it Look Like When NATO Takes Over?

With the Libyan Operation under NATO command America’s share of the burden is likely to grow rapidly. President Obama has put a lot of effort into attempting to convey the perception that “transferring” command of the Libyan conflict to NATO makes America a minor, supporting actor and makes someone else accountable for the heavy lifting. […]

The Bush “Lost Decade” Vs Hope & Change

In January 2010 President Obama made an assertion in his State of the Union message he hopes you forgot: We can’t afford another so-called economic “expansion” like the one from the last decade –- what some call the “lost decade” -– where jobs grew more slowly than during any prior expansion… The chart compares the […]

We’re Living Through a Rerun of Hoover Economics

Desperate to block any spending cuts the Democrats and their media supporters are now resurrecting three myths regarding President Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. Economist and Progressive hero Paul Krugman, provides an example in his latest New York Times editorial: More than three years after we entered the worst economic slump since the 1930s, […]

Gas Price Deception

Higher gas prices are the result the Obama Administration has tried to achieve for two years. As we’re all painfully aware, higher oil prices caused by the termoil in the Middle East have driven up gasoline prices in America.  Since it’s first month in office the Obama Administration has pursued policies that were intended to […]

Steady, Committed Leadership Prevails in Wisconsin

Major flow of Democratic Party Campaign Funds will end. After two weeks of attempted mob rule, aided by President Obama’s outside political organization,  it’s finally done.  On Thursday, as another apoplectic mob gathered inside and outside the Capitol building screaming, cursing and pounding drums, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Governor Walker’s legislation to reduce the […]

As Congress Dithers Spending Grows Relentlessly

On March 9 the Senate killed HR1, a bill passed by the House that would cut 2011 spending by $61 Billion or 3.7%. On March 10 the Treasury Department published it’s monthly statement, including year-to-date figures as of the end of February, the fifth month of the 2011 fiscal year. In the face of the […]

Unprecedented Defict Spending Continues

A month ago the House of Representatives passed HR1, that would fund the government for the remainder of 2011 with paltry cuts of $61 billion. HR1 would reduce the 2011 deficit 3.7% from 1,645,119,000,000 to $1,585,119,000,000. On March 9, HR1 was defeated in the Senate. All Senate Democrats voted “no,” because they thought the cuts […]

The Budget Tragicomedy in Congress

The drama is overwrought, and the debate is thundering.  But the substance is trifling. On february 20 The Republican House of Representatives passed a bill that would cut a mere $61 Billion from the Obama’s $3.5 Trillion spending plan for 2011. My first reaction was disappointment after such big talk during the campaign.   I was […]

Jobs: Are Obama’s Policies “Working?” (2)

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis issued a written statement commenting on the Labor Department’s latest employment report published March 4.  She said in part: “Our nation’s labor market improved notably in the month of February. Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 192,000, and the unemployment rate decreased to 8.9 percent [down from 9.0% in January] […]

Jobs: Are Obama’s Policies “Working?”

The monthly Jobs report released March 4 offers some hope that the worst recession misery may be behind us.  Employers added 192,000 jobs in February, about double the average gain over the preceding twelve months.  The unemployment rate ticked down from 9.0% to 8.9%.   Establishment media gleefully reported “good news for the Obama White […]

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