Six Years of ObamaNomics: A Grim Anniversary

Obama and his media cheer leaders insist his economic record should begin not at the beginning of his term but six months later when the recession ended and positive economic growth began. Thus, we mark June 2015 as the sixth anniversary of ObamaNomics.

Income Inequality, an Old Political Scam (2)

Income Inequality is NOT the reason millions of Americans suffer insufficient incomes or are unable to access economic opportunity.  One person does not, by earning a high income, cause other people to earn low or no income. The reason joblessness and middle class misery have been worse since the recession ended in 2009 than in […]

Six Years After Recession The Jobs Crisis Drags On

In the Obama Era, for the first time ever, a falling unemployment rate is an indicator of economic deterioration. America is still in the depths of an unprecedented employment crisis.  Yet our political leaders glibly claim the economy has recovered as they try desperately to divert our attention to distractions like confederate flags and global […]