By President’s Own Criteria ObamaCare Fails

The President’s answer to critics is they must come up with an alternative that meets much higher standards than he has met with ObamaCare. Based on the Left’s belief that the only thing wrong with ObamaCare is you and I don’t understand how glorious it will be, President Obama kicked off a new sales campaign […]

ObamaCare: Consequences of Political Choices

The Supreme Court rules that the government can’t make you buy something, but it can punish you if you don’t. The Supreme Court has issued its odious ruling that OamaCare’s individual mandate, the legislative decree that all individuals shall purchase a government approved health insurance plan, complies with the Constitution.  This ruling could well be […]

The Dawn of A Constitutional Transformation

Millions of citizens in the tea party movement have begun to demand that Congress obey the Constitution.  This week a federal court gave them much needed validation. Back in October, 2009 in the midst of frenzied, back-room deal-making to cobble together bare majorities in the House and Senate to enact ObamaCare House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

ObamaCare Debunks “A Right to Health Care”

The health care debate begins again with legislation to repeal ObamaCare.  This Debate will not be settled until politicians from both parties confront the truth. What if a bunch of politicians tried to make themselves look extraordinarily clever and more compassionate than the rest of us by claiming that health care was “a right” and […]

Obama’s Press Conference: Subdued But Defiant

The President opened his first post election press conference by admitting it had been “a long night.”  He spoke in subdued tones, compared to his recent, vitriolic campaign speeches.  Then he summarized his analysis of the election results: Yesterdays vote confirms people are frustrated with the pace of economic recovery…they want jobs to come back […]

Judge Issues Encouraging ObamaCare Ruling

Back in March, right after President Obama signed the the 2,700 page beast affectionately known as ObamaCare into law, a group of State Attorney’s General, led by Florida AG Bill McCollum filed a law suit in Federal C0urt seeking to have the act declared Unconstitutional.  The Obama Administration responded by filing a motion with the […]

Obama’s Power Grab Will Be His Downfall

The establishment media are speculating that President Obama has lost all political capital and is too unpopular to be effective. They’re coalescing around a narrative to explain why:  The oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is Bush’s fault.  But since Obama is President now the ignorant voters blame him. The first problem with this […]

Grim Reality of the ObamaCare Tax Credit

Newly released IRS Regulations show the actual value of the ObamaCare Small Business Tax Credit does not measure up to the hype. Throughout the run-up to passage of ObamaCare in Congress, and in the re-selling campaign since passage, the President has continuously touted its “small business tax credit.”  Here’s a typical Obama quote from a […]

The Constitution Will Prevail Over ObamaCare

Update March 21:  Obviously, we were wrong.  The House has passed the Senate version, and ObamaCare and it is now the law of the land. March 13, 2010: The conflicts and lack of trust within the their own Party make it impossible for President Obama and the Democrats to enact their sweeping government take-over of […]

ObamaCare Meets ObamaNomics

Perhaps the one leftist/big-government idea that has been a more obvious failure than any other is the idea of government decreed price controls. Price controls have been tried many times, all over the world, and are usually the last phase of failed experiments in government central planning and regulation.  The most recent experience in America […]

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