Bush Tax cuts: Revenue From Top 2% Went Up

Obama’s case against the Bush Tax Cuts is based on misinformation and deception. Third in a three part series:  Part 1  Part 2 During his debate with Paul Ryan Vice President Biden attempted to deceive us regarding the Bush tax cuts and Romney’s proposed tax cuts.  In a jumble incomprehensible sentence fragments he hurled out […]

Biden Gaffe Confirms Congressional Negligence

“These are gigantic packages…and a lot of the people really involved don’t even know what’s inside the packages.” Thirty Second Video Vice President Biden blames lack of public approval on lack of public comprehension due to the size and complexity of Obama legislative packages. As is his wont the Vice President makes an inadvertent admission.  […]

Obama’s Obligations to The Military

General McChrystal lost his command Tuesday after he and his aids made disrespectful remarks about the President, Vice President and civilian officials that were published in Rolling Stone Magazine.  The entire political-media establishment has piled on, in unanimous criticism of McChrystal.  But what about Obama and his team?  Were they part of the problem? Such […]

Blame Bush for Everything…Except Success in Iraq

Vice President Biden appeared on the Larry King program Wednesday.  When King asked him about Iraq he said: I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. […]

Joe Biden Embarrassed by Valid Questions

Last week, Barbara West of WFTV, Orlando, Florida angered and embarrassed  Joe Biden by breaking out of the standard, humdrum media routine of asking irrelevant questions about Sarah Palin’s shoes or current media polls. Instead, Ms West decided to ask a few relevant questions about Barack Obama’s economic and tax proposals.  As a result of […]

Say it Ain’t So, Joe

Political campaigns tend to be as devoid of candor as poker games, and the campaign of Barack Obama is particularly guilty.  “Golly – Reverend Wright Really Said That?  I’m shocked, shocked!!”  But in the last few days, out of the blue, we have been treated to two pieces of uncharacteristic candor from Team Obama, and […]

Biden Warns of A “Generated Crisis” If Obama Wins

Please see our later post, The First Generated Crisis of the Obama Era Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden did it again.  Another of his famous gaffs.  But this time we should pay very close attention, because this time it’s not funny.  Speaking to a fund raiser in Seattle Senator Biden said… “Mark my words, It […]

Anatomy of a Melt Down

The Democrats and their boosters in the media herd are losing their grip. The media have been working overtime to publish specious allegations and personal attacks against Governor Palin, her daughter, her husband, her Pastor and her local church. The Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party Carolyn Fowler, wife of Representative Don Fowler, said […]

Ms. Understimated

By announcing on August 29 that Governor Sarah Palin would be his Vice Presidential Nominee, John McCain pulled the pin on an unprecedented blast of personal smears and baseless speculation by the media herd and the hard left Internet hordes. Four days of slinging slime at Governor Palin culminated in an absurd, media generated rumor, […]

John McCain Picks Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President

The afterglow of Barack Obama’s Woodstock-lite convention event abruptly dissolved this morning as John McCain swept the Democrats off the media radar by announcing a surprise choice for his Vice Presidential Running Mate: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Obama, the self-proclaimed Prophet-of-Change and Messiah of “new politics,” had picked a conventional, rabid partisan, Senator Biden, a […]

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