Fiscal Responsibility? The Audacity of Chutzpah

President Obama’s Fiscal Responsibility Summit bamboozled the stupefied national media into reporting on deceptive campaign-style hype as if it were a serious policy meeting. Chutzpah (pronounced and sometimes spelled “hutzpah”) is a Yiddish term meaning shameless, brazen temerity, combined with contempt for the intelligence of others.  Perhaps the most famous description of Chutzpah came from […]

Roland Burris: The Government We Deserve?

2/24 Breaking News Update: The other Senator  from Illinois, Dick Durbin, just spoke to reporters in Washington and described in detail his private meeting with Roland Burris this afternoon.  Durbin recommended to  Burris that he resign, and Burris refused to resign. BurrisP asked to resign.  Burris resignation. It’s become a part of my morning routine.  […]

Quarter-Million Dollar, Disappearing Jobs

Written in a few hours by sixteen people, and hurling a Trillion in borrowed funds and interest at politically favored programs, unions and projects, The Stimulus is promoted as a bold, urgent offensive  to “create or save” 3 million jobs.  If you dare to question this baseless assertion you’re accused of being “against jobs.” Even […]

The Stimulus Hoax: Flimflam & Spin

Before Congress passed the so-called “stimulus” the Administration and the Democrats hectored us continuously with urgent warnings of economic doom if it wasn’t passed immediately. For example, David Obey, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee said, in response to Conservative objections: Another week that we delay is another 100,000 more people unemployed.  I don’t think […]

Negligent Senators & Congressmen Passed Stimulus

Commentators have denounced House Members and Senators for voting in favor of a thousand page “stimulus” bill  that nobody could possibly have read in the few hours that copies were available, Friday morning before the votes.  These commentators actually understate the challenge to anyone who really wants to know what’s in this bill.  Here is […]

Uninformed Voting For Stimulus Hoax

Nothing like this has ever happened before.  Congress is voting to spend a Trillion Dollars and the House Members and Senators do not know on what. Be assured we as a nation will come to deeply regret this arrogant, reckless and Unconstitutional act of raw political power.  It will take many years to work through […]

President Doom’s Stimulus Hoax

By Guest Contributor AAA Again aaa.again is the nom de plume of a frequent commenter who has agreed to be a contributing writer.  He writes from the perspective of decades of success in business, finance and entrepreneurial enterprise.   Learn more about him on the About Us page. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we […]

Harry Reid is Proud to Borrow & Spend $1 Trillion

In this 44 second video Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says it all.  We can’t think of a thing to add! The man behind Senator Reid, beaming like a proud father, is Senator Chuck Schumer. .

Cheney: Campaign Rhetoric Should Not Become Policy

In this three minute video Dick Cheney warns that the Obama Administration is more concerned about reading rights to terrorists than about protecting America. .

The Stimulus: Largest Load of Pork Ever

We’ve been browsing through the so-called Stimulus, a daunting, 736 pages. There are so many expenditures, it would literally take weeks for us to comment on all of them.  Here’s just one we selected at random from page 93: $9,048,000,000, to carry out the purposes of the Federal Buildings Fund, of which not less than […]

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