ObamaNomics: Year 3 In Review

President Obama’s reelection campaign, begun almost a year ago, is based on blaming the previous administration for America’s economic misery.  But 2011 has been his third full year and it’s time for his Administration to stand on it’s own.  It’s time for an accounting First the debt. [continued below the chart] In 2011 Government debt […]

Obama 2012: Pureile Theatrics and $40 Pizzas

There is no bottom to President Obama’s political deception and class warfare pit. If you followed this week’s drama in Washington you know the House passed a bill that would extend the temporary payroll tax reduction for another year.  The Senate responded with a bill that would extend it for only two months.  Republicans finally […]

Like Obama, Romney Abandons The Constitution

Mitt Romney’s criteria, for deciding which government programs to eliminate is a meaningless sham. His editorial in USA Today says a lot that should please liberty loving people who long to diminish the power and cost of the federal government.  He is appropriately critical of President Obama for “one of the most dramatic expansions in […]

Tax Hikes on Millionaires: Irrational and Foolish

Once again President Obama and the Democrats seek to stimulate the base human emotions of envy and resentment by demanding a surtax on “millionaires,” this time to “pay for” another year of temporary reduction in the Social Security payroll tax.  But it doesn’t really matter what they say the tax will “pay for.”  They always […]

Harry Reid is Either Ignorant or Lying

Speaking from the floor of the United States Senate yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid resorted to an outright lie to sell his plan to increase tax rates on high income business owners and investors: Senate Republicans…oppose our plan [for] a tiny sur-tax on on a tiny fraction of America’s highet earners…Republicans call our plan a […]

Is Compromise a Dirty Word?

The latest propaganda from the political-media establishment is the assertion that the Grand Congressional Super Committee failed to agree on deficit reduction, and the government’s debt problems can’t be resolved because Republicans, driven by tea party activists “refuse to compromise.” Retired General and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell echoed the establishment view in a […]