Millionaires Vanishing: Are Progressives Satisfied Yet?

One of the Progressive Movement’s core doctrines is that the economy is a zero sum battle ground where the rich face off against middle class workers with one side enjoying greater prosperity only at the expense of the other.  But in reality their interests are in harmony and their fortunes rise and fall together. The […]

Who Is and Is Not Responsible For Exploding Debt?

Progressives are trying to portray President Obama as a deficit hawk and are blaming Republicans, the Tea Party, President Bush, even President Reagan whose Administration ended 24 years ago for the recent spike in government debt. Some progressives even say there is no debt problem, that tea party Congressmen manufactured a crisis that doesn’t exist […]

Malarkey from Millionaires

Can you spare a few bucks to help disadvantaged millionaires pay higher taxes? Recently, in coordination with President Obama’s renewed calls for a tax hike, the political-media establishment revived one it’s more absurd scams, “millionaires” complaining that the tax system doesn’t take enough of their income.  It’s absurd because a millionaire, indeed any taxpayer, is […]

Obama Downgraded In Opinion Poll Reversal

President Obama and his media supporters called the debt-ceiling controversy “broken politics.”   But through the intense debate The People became better informed and aware of the sudden increase in debt caused by Obama’s spending surge. The chart tracks polling results as the White House contrived at least 21 media events over 72 days to […]

Entrepreneurs: America’s Most Endangered Species

President Obama and the Democrats, who claim creating jobs is their highest priority, should consider the data in this chart, from the August jobs report. For decades federal and state governments have continuously added to the costs and bureaucratic complexity that drag on the entrepreneur.  In its first two years the Obama Administration has initiated […]

Downgrade: Obama Gambled, America Lost

The recent, explosive growth in government debt is the result of Barack Obama’s historic gamble, betting the future of America on his vision of a big, powerful, central government, that controls the private sector economy for the benefit of politically connected business interests,  unions, and the Democratic Party. President Obama stepped to the cameras and […]

The Disenchantment and Downgrade Blues

Obama reprimands gullible believers who voted for misty “hope and change.” Speaking at a fundraiser in Chicago President Obama expressed frustration: When I said, ‘Change we can believe in,’ I didn’t say, ‘Change we can believe in tomorrow.’  Not, ‘Change we can believe in next week.’ We knew this was going to take time, because […]

Tea Party Awarded the George W. Bush Role

President George W. Bush’s jersey has finally been retired.  The political-media establishment has a new designated bad guy to pin the blame on: tea party activists and the Congressmen they helped elect. During the debt ceiling debate they were called terrorists, suicide bombers, extortionists and hostage takers.  A Google search found dozens of July articles […]