Corruption in Plain Sight (2)

The first article in this series (scroll down or click here) described as “corruption” a $529 loan from the government to Fisker Automotive, company in which Al Gore is an investor. We reported that the loan was to fund development and production of a plug-in hybrid sports car that will cost $89,000, will travel only […]

Noxious Corruption in Plain Sight

Fisker Automotive, Inc. is a start-up car company in California. Fisker is about to build the Karma, a hybrid/electric, luxury sports car that will sell for $89,000. Al Gore, former Vice President and grand ayatollah of the shrine of global climate change (formerly, “global warming,” before the earth cooled for twelve years)  is a partner […]

Reading 42 Pages Per Hour is Too Slow For Pelosi

Earlier today we reported on an attempt by Senate Republicans to amend pending health care legislation with the requirement that it be posted online for Senators and the public to read 72 hours, or three days, in advance of voting.  Democrats defeated the amendment.   A reader called our attention to a similar effort in […]

Covert Extreme Makeover of the Medical Industry

It seems Democrats have learned their lesson.  The House Health Care bill, HR 3200 has been online since July, spreading fear and alarm throughout the land as Internet based analysts helped millions of Americans see for themselves the yawning gap  between the actual legislation and President Obama’s extravagant, Utopian promises. Tens of thousands of people […]

California Senator Smacks Down California Farmers

On Monday we reported in the article below this one on the tragic  Obama Administration policy, enforced by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), of cutting off irrigation water to farms in California’s Central Valley, turning some of the nation’s most productive agricultural land into a barren dust bowl. According to USFWS  the water […]

To Comfort a Fish, Government Destroys Farms

As Congressmen and Senators stumble through the political process writing, negotiating, horse-trading and re-writing the thousands of pages that will empower government with dramatically increased authority over every American’s access to medical services, we should contemplate the experiences of others who have, in good faith, placed themselves at the mercy of the same political processes. […]

Honoring POWs and MIAs

As usual, the national media were AWOL from special ceremonies to salute courageous heroes who live among us. Click to see the one minute video

Pelosi Warns: Violence From ObamaCare Opponents

At Speaker Pelosi’s weekly press briefing a sympathetic reporter asked this set-up question: How concerned are you about the tone of the political debate, in terms of people talking about anti-government rhetoric and so on and the possibility of violence? Ms. Pelosi appeared to be near tears as she spoon fed this response to the […]

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