Predictable Attack on Herman Cain’s Character Begins

The political-media establishment has decided that Herman Cain is a credible challenger who could defeat their President and derail their political agenda. Back in 2008 when the media propelled him to national prominence various sources sent allegations of personal misconduct by Barack Obama to blogs and political websites.  The emails came to Liberty Works and […]

Obama’s Keynesian, Government Run Economy

The chart compares recent GDP growth with the first nine quarters of the decade of strong economic growth, prosperity and job creation that began after President Reagan’s 1982 tax cuts and deregulation initiatives. [Continued below the chart] In the third quarter (July, August, September) of 2011 Gross Domestic Product, the value of all the goods […]

2012 Election Too Critical to Squander On Birther Bunk

Governor and candidate for the Republican nomination for President Rick Perry has twice made news in recent days with flippant remarks referring to speculation that President Obama was not born in the US and is therefore ineligible under the Constitution to be President. Any candidate who claims identification with Conservatives or the tea party movement […]

When Does “Green Investment” Become Corruption?

Liberty Works reported the $529 million government loan guarantee granted by the Obama Energy Department to Fisker Automotive here and here in September, 2009.  Back then most of the establishment media were still enthralled with the new President they had so vigorously promoted into the White House and did not want to report anything that […]

Calling Harry Reid Back to Reality

Speaking on the Senate Floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to make the case for President Obama’s so-called “Jobs Act” which, in part, would impose permanent tax increases on private sector  employers to pay for temporary federal subsidies that supposedly would enable state and local governments to rehire employees they have had to lay off. […]

Herman Cain’s 999 Tax Plan (Part 2: Bussiness and Investors)

Last week we published an analysis of Herman Cain’s 999 tax plan as it relates to taxation of individuals and promised a second article examining the proposal’s tax treatment of business and investors.  In the meantime Mr. Cain, and others purporting to have been informed by or to speak for the campaign have written editorials […]

Obama’s “Balanced Approach” Tax Hikes Are Snake oil

Mr. President, If “revenues” are the problem, How can your Government gobble up a 21% increase in income tax revenue and still run an even larger deficit? President Obama and the Democrats insist that the government’s continuous, yawning deficits can not be closed by spending cuts alone, that “revenue!” must be part of a so-called […]

Herman Cain’s 999 Tax Plan (Part 1: Taxing individuals)

Please scroll down for an UPDATE Candidate Herman Cain has proposed a plan for revolutionary tax reform.  In this article we analyze the effects of this plan on individual taxes. When comparing various tax plans one must remember that every possible form of tax is disagreeable in some way.  So rather than holding out for […]

Occupy Wall Street Will Help Defeat Obama

As a life-long political activist old enough to remember the 1960s I predict the Occupy Wall Street rabble will do for Barack Obama what their similarly clueless progenitors did for 1968 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hubert Humphrey. As in the sixties, the slovenly protesters are perceived to be Democratic/liberal/progressive followers.  Their only coherent position, opposition to […]

Jobs Crisis Continues, Yet The Solution is Obvious

The Labor Department released its jobs report for September: Employers added 103,000 jobs in September.  While this was an improvement over August it was less than the monthly growth in the working age population. The Unemployment rate remained unchanged at a tragically high 9.1%. If the 2011 job growth rate continues it will take five […]

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