Obama Pledges Cuts in Technology for Soldiers

The Classic Liberal alerted us to this video of Barack Obama promising to save Billions in “wasteful spending” by eroding the effectiveness and capability of the US military, including this pledge:

I will slow our development of future combat systems.

We thought Liberty Works readers should know what the Senator was referring to.

Future Combat Systems (FCS) is the name of a top priority program that is critical to making soldiers more effective and reducing combat injuries and deaths.

FCS is the Army’s promise to provide Soldiers the best equipment and technology available as soon as practical. FCS is not just a technology development program-it is the development of new Brigade Combat Teams, with more infantry, better equipment, and greatly improved situational awareness and communications.

FCS technologies and innovations enable our troops to prevail in asymmetric ground warfare, while allowing the Army to build a force that can sustain itself in remote areas. FCS Components include an array of new vehicles, weapons and information gathering systems.

For example, Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS), pictured below, perform mission tasks such as perimeter defense, surveillance, target acquisition and situational awareness. UGS can detect the presence of Chemical, Radiological, and Nuclear weaponry.


These devices provide vital tactical information to the troops without risking any lives.

Just yesterday, Lt. Gen. Michael A. Vane, director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center, discussed the cutting-edge equipment in a teleconference with bloggers and online journalists. He announced that the Army will accelerate delivery of key Future Combat System technologies to troops in the field, including some of the unattended ground sensors described above, a new unmanned air vehicle and a small unmanned ground vehicle.

“We want technology to enable that soldier and that commander to better understand the battlefield,” General Vane said. “And sometimes people think we’re building something that’s a fantasy or that technology is the answer to everything, and we absolutely are not. What we are doing is trying to leverage that technological advantage that American industry and Americans’ allies help us bring to the battlefield.”

We Americans owe the courageous volunteers who serve in the US Army no less than the best equipment and technology we can possibly provide.

Why would Senator Obama promise to target such a vital program for “slow-development” at the very moment our troops are engaged in combat several fronts?

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