Obama & Media Herd United Against The Palin Threat

The Obama Campaign, and the Media Herd are obviously alarmed and flummoxed by the challenge they now face in the nomination of Sarah Palin, who has electrified the previously listless GOP base, and threatens to cut into voting blocks Obama was taking for granted.

Sarah Palin’s resume, two years as Governor of Alaska, preceded by six years as Mayor of her home town, is less than ample for a Vice President, and could be a point of legitimate criticism, except that Obama  is manifestly less qualified.

Barack Obama’s only executive experience was Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, purportedly an effort to improve Chicago schools.  In that capacity he doled out over $100 Million Dollars to forty five community groups that promised, but utterly failed, to improve student performance.  Obama can’t discuss this experience because the project failed and because it ties him to the man who appointed him to the job, and worked with him, William Ayers.  Ayers is an admitted, and unrepentant, former terrorist, founder of the Weather Underground, and confessed bomber of the Pentagon and the Capitol. Obama strenuously denies any connection with Ayers, calling him “just a guy who happens to live in my neighborhood.”

Thus, the only way to deal with the threat of Vice Presidential Candidate Palin is a good old fashion campaign of personal attack, smear, innuendo and lies.

Yesterday, The New York Times ran three, separate, front page stories, each critical of Sarah Palin.  All day yesterday the media herd pumped a story about Todd Palin the Governor’s husband’s  drunk driving arrest, 22 years ago, before they were married.

The media herd has stampeded to Alaska to “cover” a dispute between the Governor and a state official she fired.  Allegedly the firing had some connection with her sister’s ex-husband who was a State Trooper, and also was fired, allegedly because he was a lousy husband.

Today, ABC news is running a story titled, “Another Controversy for Sarah Palin.”  It begins…

Gov. Sarah Palin is already facing ethical questions over her firing of the Alaska public safety commissioner, and now she faces questions over the firing of a longtime local police chief.

“Now” she faces “ethical questions?”  Well, no.  It turns out that twelve years ago she fired the police chief of the town where she had been elected Mayor.  It turns out that the fired Chief sued her in Federal court, and lost.  In this “news story” ABC forgot to report the Mayor Palin’s reasons for firing the Chief, but did manage to locate the lawyer who represented the fired chief in court twelve years ago – and lost.  Guess what?  Amazingly, this lawyer still says his client was wronged!

US Weekly magazine has sent out a preview of the cover of its next issue, featuring a photo of Palin and her baby, with the headline: “Babies, Lies, and Scandal.”  This is just one of scores of examples of breathless and baseless rumor mongering about the Governor, her daughter, her baby, her husband and her family.

On and on it goes. Obama and his media pals obviously believe that crushing Sarah Palin’s reputation, immediately, is their most critically important campaign priority.

Tonight Governor Palin Speaks to the Convention and to America.

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