Stimulus: Bold Promises Confront Dreary Results

Last January President Obama commented on job losses during December, 2008: Clearly the situation is dire.  It is deteriorating and it demands urgent and immediate action…the jobs report only underscores the need for us to move forward with a sense of urgency and common purpose.  Behind each and every one of those millions of jobs […]

Slow, Bumbling Officials Vs Nimble Enemy

In his Thursday speech about the Christmas Day terror attack President Obama said: I have repeatedly made it clear — in public with the American people, and in private with my national security team — that I will hold my staff, our agencies and the people in them accountable when they fail to perform their […]

Obama’s War With Words

On Thursday everyone waited apprehensively for the President’s remarks, because National security adviser James Jones had warned that Americans would feel a “certain shock” when they learned of systemic failures in intelligence operations that were supposed to keep them safe.  But nobody who wasn’t in a coma since the Christmas terrorist attack was shocked.  He […]

Government Supervised Health Care Vs The Constitution

The Senate and House Health Care bills are both Unconstitutional.  They violate the restrictions on government power in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.  So how can Pelosi, Reid and Obama get away with it?  They simply disregard the plain language of the Constitution. Back in October House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked by […]

Breathtaking Naivete

Today President Obama spoke  from the White House about the Christmas terrorist attack aboard an aircraft.  He used blunt, unambiguous language, a refreshing change from the slop we usually hear from government officials.  However, his speech was largely a rehash of how much had gone wrong, and the process of “review” of the system, to […]

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