Obama’s Gossamer Foreign Policy

Does President Obama really want to persuade voters that a trashy, amateur video obliterated his Mid-East policy? In defiance of common sense the Obama Administration continues to insist that attacks on at least five US embassies on the anniversary of 9-11, including the brutal murder of the US Ambassador to Libya, his two-man security detail […]

What Does it Look Like When NATO Takes Over?

With the Libyan Operation under NATO command America’s share of the burden is likely to grow rapidly. President Obama has put a lot of effort into attempting to convey the perception that “transferring” command of the Libyan conflict to NATO makes America a minor, supporting actor and makes someone else accountable for the heavy lifting. […]

The President Scorns The People

At his news conference on Wednesday President Obama was asked about the military prision at Guantanamo Bay, which is still open and housing prisoners in spite of his promise, and his high profile executive order to shut it down by the end of 2009. His answer, in part: First, I want to Step back and […]

Obama’s Press Conference: Subdued But Defiant

The President opened his first post election press conference by admitting it had been “a long night.”  He spoke in subdued tones, compared to his recent, vitriolic campaign speeches.  Then he summarized his analysis of the election results: Yesterdays vote confirms people are frustrated with the pace of economic recovery…they want jobs to come back […]

Recommended Reading: How Obama Thinks

“How Obama Thinks” is an urgently important article by Dinesh D’Souza in Forbes. Having grown up in Post-colonial India Mr. D’Souza experienced and understands anticolonialism, a political movement, set of moral assumptions, and world view that most Americans know nothing about.  Anticolonialism was the life’s mission of Barack Obama’s Harvard-educated, Kenyan father, who was a […]

NY Mosque Update: “The World is Watching”

George Demos, Republican candidate for Congress from New York sent an open letter to President Obama challenging him to support the Christian church that was destroyed on 9-11 and still awaits permission to rebuild. Story of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church here

Religious and Property Rights at Ground Zero

UPDATE: Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants an investigation of “the funding” of those who oppose the Mosque, 58% of voters according to Rasmussen.  We hope she does locate this funding source since we haven’t yet received our check! This is the second post on this topic.  In the previous post I discussed President Obama’s defense of […]

Obama’s Religious Rights Sanctimony

UPDATE 8/16: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s spokesperson says the Senator thinks “the Mosque should be built somewhere else.” Most readers are aware of the heated national debate over plans to build a 13 story Islamic Mosque (and maybe it’s also a cultural center – the propaganda is inconsistent) adjacent to ground zero in Manhattan […]

Obama’s Border Security Extortion

Scroll down for updates Obama and the Democrats keep jabbering about “comprehensive immigration reform” as they refuse to secure the border. This 90 second video will likely “go viral” this week: Senator Kyle tells a town hall audience that President Obama told him: The problem is, if we secure the border then you all (Republicans […]

Most Bizarre Sound Bite of the Day

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an interview on Ecuadorian TV made the bomb-shell announcement that the Obama Justice Department is preparing to sue the state of Arizona.

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