‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas

By the Captivating Mrs. BoomerJeff

Twas the fight before Christmas in 2010
The House passed a monstrosity
And to the Senate did send…
Then up on the Senate floor a loud groaning was heard
As our hero,DeMint,asked to hear EVERY WORD!
When what to our wondering ears we engaged
As the clerk ,of the Senate, rose to read every page.
The moon on the crest of DC’s new fallen snow
Would rise at least twice with 2000 pages to go!
On Nancy, on Barney, on Watson and lame ducks,
We the people believe YOUR Omnibus sucks!!
So squeezing real hard to plug up our noses,
We heard of obscene pork & earmarks the reading exposes!
We wondered how anyone with a sane mind
Could propose to spend good money on trash of this kind.
So read on all the bills so the people can know
why to vote out these spenders wherever they go!
Senators sleeping, while the clerk reads is a sight,
Merry Christmas dear Senators… and have a good night!

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