Shrinking GDP and Big Government Failure

After three years of inadequate growth the economy contracted during the final months of 2012. GDP turned negative by 0.1% during the fourth quarter. After the Commerce Department issued it’s quarterly GDP report the White House tried to present a deteriorating economic indicator in positive terms: This was the first quarterly drop in real GDP in […]

Too Late: CBO and WaPo Scare Us With Truth

A week after the election the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Washington Post published key economic data that all voters should have seen – that Liberty Works readers did see – before the election. This chart, copied from a November 14 Congressional Budget Office report, appeared November 15 on the Washington Post’s WonkBlog under […]

ObamaNomics Vs The Little Guy & His Family

President Obama’s reelection campaign was based almost entirely on allegations that Mitt Romney was morally disqualified for office because he was “for the rich” while Obama was “for the little guy and his family.”  But since the first day of the Obama Administration it has been “the little guy” who needs employment, and his family, […]

Obama’s Inert Economy

Desperate to make his case for reelection President Obama continuously reminds us that he began his term with an inherited recession.   If he does win the election his second term may well start with an inherited recession. Little noticed by the establishment media, the Commerce Department revised it’s estimate of second quarter economic growth downward […]

Obama’s Only Jobs Boast Is a Jobs Failure

If you’ve heard a campaign speech by President Obama or Vice President Biden or you’ve heard their cheer leaders in the media, you’re familiar with the one employment statistic they bellow at every opportunity: Over the last thirty months we’ve created 4.6 million private sector jobs! They hope voters will think 4.6 million, the net […]

Unemployment Rate Is Much Worse Than It Looks

The September Jobs report published Friday by the labor Department was a deep disappointment. Only 96,000 jobs created in August, a pathetically small number, about a third fewer jobs than the monthly increase in the working age population. President Obama and his supporters, hoping for a positive response from recession weary voters, rushed to the […]

Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Does the President deserve reelection because the 2008-09 recession, like every previous recession in history, ended? On the Today Show Obama Campaign Spokesperson Stephanie Cutter was asked to answer the question the Romney Campaign has been asking voters, are you better off today than you were four years ago?  Ms. Cutter answered, in part: Lets […]

Can The Rich Afford Obama’s Fair Share?

Since President Obama wants you to believe that the wealthy paying a “fair share” is the key to balancing the budget and funding all his big government dreams, here’s a what-if exercise that puts his demagoguery in perspective. What if the government could simply seize all the wealth of the nine richest people in America?  […]

Reality Contradicts Obama’s Lazy Fantasies

President Obama opened his angry campaign speech State of The Union message with a brief recap of events in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a prelude to cynically self-serving praise of the troops. These achievements are a testament to the courage, selflessness, and teamwork of America’s Armed Forces. At a time when too many of our […]

ObamaNomics: Year 3 In Review

President Obama’s reelection campaign, begun almost a year ago, is based on blaming the previous administration for America’s economic misery.  But 2011 has been his third full year and it’s time for his Administration to stand on it’s own.  It’s time for an accounting First the debt. [continued below the chart] In 2011 Government debt […]

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