Why Hillary Lost in Three Charts

Up until about 9 p.m. election night, the smug elites of the political-media establishment were unanimous in their faith that of course Queen Hillary of the House of Clinton Political Machine would vanquish the crass, inept Trump with no experience, no consultants, no visible “ground game,” no clue. Now they’re immersed in shock, disbelief, grief, […]

Critical Issue the Sex Obsessed Media Ignores

One debate question was an obvious setup to favor the Clinton campaign because it was based on an unproved assumption that is at the central feature of her campaign

Trump is Right: Economic Growth is Pathetic

Opinion polls consistently show Americans disappointed and dissatisfied with the nation’s economy.  The chart below confirms their opinions are grounded in objective reality. On Friday, July 29 the government’s Bureau of Economic Analysis published it’s second quarter GDP report.  In April, May and June the economy grew by a pathetic 1.2%.  Previous quarters were revised […]

Force Mrs. Clinton to Defend Progressive Doctrine

The Republican campaign must drive home the point that Obama-Clinton economic theories are already in effect and have utterly, miserably failed.

Media Ignore Devastating Jobs Report

What if there was a shocking employment statistic but nobody paid any attention? Measured by the norms in place in 2008 the May Unemployment Rate would have been 9.8%, not the 4.7% reported by the Administration. The Commerce Department published a depressing monthly jobs report on June 3. Public and private sector employers combined created a […]

Media Ignore a Devastating Economic Report

Donald Trump and the media happily ignore the dreadful Obama economy and instead dwell on polls, protests and stadium crowds.

Dems’ War On The 1% Wounds The Middle Class

Our previous article used recent data from the IRS to debunk claims by Democrat party candidates that the wealthy don’t pay their “fair share” of income tax.  We also exposed some of the harm done to the middle class when Democrats encourage and nurture rage and resentment toward high income taxpayers, most of whom are […]

Democrats’ Ugly War On Small Business

In the 2016 Presidential race Democrats are plowing the same old ground. There has been almost no media exposure of the Democrats’ most recent debate, but resentment and loathing of men and women who are and always have been the heroes of the American economy, was a prominent theme.

Obama’s Deceptive Jobs Numbers

UPDATE: The jobs report for October shows the labor force participation rate unchanged at 62.4%. The Labor Department’s September jobs report shows that private sector employers added 118,000 jobs in September.  Government added 24,000 for a total of 142,000.  The unemployment rate, at 5.1% was unchanged from August. President Obama immediately claimed victory during his […]

Hillary Gave Obama an A for This Economy?

In a interview last week Hillary Clinton said she would give President Obama’s economic record an A. Three days later the Commerce Department issued an economic report deserving of a D at best. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew a feeble 1.5% in the third quarter, ending September 30th. This is below average, even for the […]

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