Covert Extreme Makeover of the Medical Industry

It seems Democrats have learned their lesson.  The House Health Care bill, HR 3200 has been online since July, spreading fear and alarm throughout the land as Internet based analysts helped millions of Americans see for themselves the yaObamaCarewning gap  between the actual legislation and President Obama’s extravagant, Utopian promises.

Tens of thousands of people showed up at town halls across the country carrying portions of HR3200 on clipboards as they demanded clear answers to specific questions.  It became obvious from the reactions of stupefied Senators and Congressmen that they had not read the health care legislation they came home to defend.

Today, the Senate Commerce Committee continues working toward the goal of completing and then voting on yet another version of ObamaCare.  This bill, which would substantially change health insurance and access to medical services for every American was largely written by one man, Senator Baucus.

Yesterday Republican members of the committee offered a simple, modest Amendment: Post the final version of the bill online for a token 72 hours in advance of the committee vote.

Of course nobody could digest and consider all the consequences of a thousand plus pages of dense and arcane legalese in only 72 hours.  Possibly, 72 days would be sufficient.

But even 72 hours was too much for Committee Democrats who defeated the amendment.  So the bill will not be posted online before voting.  If the precedent set by the massive “stimulus” spending bill continues, the legislation won’t even be printed in its final form for committee members to read before they vote.

Establishment politicians do not want the voters watching via the Internet as they continue the relentless march toward authoritarian government, continuously diminishing individual rights and autonomy.  The Democrats prefer doing business Washington’s old way:  Snow the poor dumb folks at home with a lot of promises but don’t let them see what the fine print.  They’ll learn gradually, as the new laws and regulations roll out and are enforced by the bureaucracy.

If constituents object blame the bureaucrats, and, if he’s a Republican, the President.

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