Yes There Is Evidence of Democrat Sponsored Illegal Voting

Predictably, the establishment political-media herd have stampeded to denounce President Trump’s assertions that millions of Presidential election votes were cast illegally.  Their rebuttal tactic is to pound the table and shout, repeatedly and emphatically that there is “no evidence!” of voter fraud.

Vote-place-8-languagesWell, there is evidence.  And some of the evidence implicates the Democratic Party as the author of some forms of voter fraud.  Indeed, the establishment’s adamant and unyielding denial is contrived to shield Democrats from scrutiny because, as everyone tacitly agrees, vote fraud, if it occurs, benefits Democrats.

Let’s define “evidence”:

  • The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid. (Oxford Living Dictionary)
  • Facts or observations presented in support of an assertion (

Evidence is not proof.  But it contributes to proof.  That witnesses say the bank robber was a tall white man in his 20s who walked with a limp is evidence against Joe who is tall, white, 26, suffers from a knee injury and lives near the bank.  It wouldn’t be enough for a conviction, but it is enough to qualify Joe as a person of interest for police to investigate further, looking for more evidence.

We’ll come back to Joe in a moment. First, consider some evidence of Democrat party facilitation of vote fraud, specifically voting by non-citizens, which is illegal.

English is the official language of the United States. Government business is done in English.  Court proceedings are conducted in English.

Foreign born individuals can complete a process called “naturalization” to become U.S. citizens with all the same rights and privileges of natural born Americans.  One of the requirements of naturalization is ability to speak, read and write English.  They must be fluent enough to comprehend this study guide of questions and answers. Here are three examples of questions they must be able to read, comprehend and answer verbally:

  • What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?
  • What does the Judicial Branch of the federal government do?
  • There are four Amendments to the Constitution about who can vote.  Describe one of them.

Obviously, these questions require a much higher level of English fluency than “vote here.” So one has to wonder why such a simple phrase has to be translated into six languages on the sign pictured above.

Ca-voter-guideSo given that English fluency at a fairly high level is required to earn the right to vote by becoming a citizen why would California print ballots in nine foreign languages?  Could it be because the Democratic Party that runs this state believes its candidates benefit from non-citizen voters and wants to help them?  “Of course not,” sniff California government officials – all of whom are Democrats.  

Also, California has implemented a new law that includes automatic voter registration of people who apply for or renew drivers licenses.  Since citizenship is not required for a license, Californians wonder if there’s a verification process that keeps non-citizens from being registered to vote?  The question has been asked over and over for months but so far, there has been no coherent answer from State authorities.

Again, not yet proof but this is evidence that non-citizens vote in California with the blessing of the political establishment.

Here’s more evidence from New York City.  Last summer Mayor De Blasio boasted that his administration has made it possible for New Yorkers to register and vote in six foreign languages.  The Mayor offered no reason why people who have been certified fluent in English by The US Citizenship and Immigration Services should need forms and ballots printed in foreign languages.  The Mayor didn’t mention any citizenship verification process.

These facts would seem to be more than enough evidence of attempts to encourage and facilitate vote fraud to justify a further investigation.  But the establishment vehemently opposes any such investigation because, they say, there are no “documented cases of large scale vote fraud.”  But if nobody ever investigates how would such cases be discovered and documented?

Now let’s look again at our fictitious suspect Joe, who matches the description of the bank robber.  If the police had the same attitude as the media and the Democratic Party they would ignore Joe because, before any investigation or trial takes place, there is no documented case of Joe robbing the bank!

One last bit of evidence: Who fights ferociously against common sense, innocuous vote fraud prevention measures, such as requiring a photo ID to simply verify that the person who seeks to vote is the person who is registered to vote? Democrats and their media cheer leaders.

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