“Words Must Mean Something”

A memorable quote from President Obama’s April foreign policy speech was “words must mean something.”

We Agree.

In that spirit we compare the words of President Reagan with President Obama’s own words, and contemplate which would “mean something” to oppressed peoples, struggling to overcome dictatorships.

In the left column are two quotes from Ronald Reagan.  In the right column are two recent quotes from President Obama regarding the current struggles of the people in Iran.

President Reagan’s words were calculated to support his efforts to bring down the corrupt Soviet Union, and free the peoples of Eastern Europe.  President Obama’s words are calculated to avoid offending the ruling theocracy in Iran, with whom he hopes to “negotiate” sometime soon.


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  1. Chuck on June 22nd, 2009

    Republicans are so nostalgic for Reagan. He had alzheimers and almost started nuclear wars.

    We were lucky the Russians were more sane than he was or this country would be charcoal today.

  2. Katy on June 23rd, 2009

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