What The DACA Fight Is Really About

To understand WHY Democrats panic over DACA has driven them to shut down the government, context matters.

Establishing context begins with the 2016 election. Losing the White House and Congress was a far bigger setback for Democrats and the liberal/progressive movement the party represents than the loss of one election.

The Trump/GOP victory is an existential crisis for Democrats because it shatters a doctrine that was the foundation of their election strategy.  In the faculty lounges, newsrooms, celebrity gatherings and think tanks of The Left, this doctrine had grown, over a decade, from captivating theory to unquestioned article of faith.

The usual “experts” on the Left had named their doctrine Emerging Democratic Majority or EDM after a 2002 book of the same name.  EDM theory says that demographic changes are relentlessly driving the American electorate toward an inevitable and irreversible progressive/Democrat voting majority.

In their closed, internal feedback loop progressive politicians and media hacks assured each other that EDM was a fast growing voter coalition made up of blacks, Hispanics, single women, gays, and millennials.  And, the progressives believed these groups would always be reliable Democrat voters.  Obama’s 2008 and 2012 victories were triumphantly lauded as validation of the EDM demographic theory.

When the Democrats lost their House and Senate majorities in the 2010 and 2014 elections Progressives didn’t pause to reevaluate their EDM theory.  Instead, they blamed EDM voters for being too lazy to turn out for off-year elections when the Presidency wasn’t on the ballot. In response to this perceived slothfulness the 2016 Clinton campaign launched hysterical messaging targeting women and ethnic minorities, warning them they would endure unspeakable suffering if she and Democrats lost the election.

But, Trump and the Republicans won anyway!

Most alarming to Democrats, as the chart to the right shows, within the two ethic groups that are supposed to be the backbone of the Emerging Democrat Majority, Trump pulled a slightly higher percentage of the vote in 2016 than Romney did in 2012!  This was the opposite of what they expected from a year of nonstop allegations of Trump racism.

Democrats know they can not win the Presidency by presenting their monster government and weird cultural ideas to normal voters, especially after Harvey Weinstein and so many of their media heroes have been exposed as perverts.  Thus, all they have is identity politics, the polite term for targeting minority voters with rank demagoguery, hoping to provoke fear and loathing of Republicans and Caucasians.   But, at the same time they’ve lost faith in those minority voters to perform as expected.

Meanwhile, a side effect of aggressive identity politics has been a noxious strain of ethnic tribalism as Democrat candidates, spokespersons and media friends openly mock white voters, as obsolete bigots. (“deplorable” was Hillary’s word.)  Of course this doesn’t help Democrats win elections!

This is the context around the Democrats’ panicked position on the 760,000 beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.   With an executive order Obama gave temporary legal status and work permits to illegal aliens who were brought across the border as children and teenagers, presumably before they were mature enough to understand what was going on. 

A federal court has already ruled the DACA program Unconstitutional because it was an executive order that exceeds Presidential authority by changing immigration laws that were duly enacted by Congress.  In September, the White House announced that Trump would terminate the executive order because it was Unconstitutional, but if Congress enacted a law providing the same benefits to the same people he would sign it.  He gave Congress six months to enact the law.

A few days later Trump added three conditions. To get his approval of a DACA bill Congress also must:

  1. Appropriate funds to build the border wall
  2. End chain migration, the system that allows recent legal immigrants to sponsor an unlimited number of family members as additional, legal immigrants. Because MOST of America’s annual quota of immigrants are these family members, chain migration means that instead of Congress or the Executive Branch determining who next year’s immigrants will be, this year’s immigrants will decide.
  3. End the so-called “diversity lottery” that grants legal immigration status to random people from countries that are known, terrorist havens.

Democrats were enraged at these Trump conditions, but couldn’t figure out how to argue against them.  Then, on January 12 the self-appointed moral commanders of the political-media establishment celebrated a win.  The Washington Post reported that, in a private meeting with several Senators about DACA Trump asked, “Why are we having all these people from s**thole countries come here?” The reporters didn’t seek verification from anyone who was in the room before publishing, and some who were there deny that he said this.  Trump himself tweeted, “The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used.”

Well, Leftist Cable News, Leftist websites, Hollywood liberals & Democrats in general were positively GLEEFUL.  Why? Because in their bubble this was gold, a pretense for another round of attacks on Trump as, “RACIST!”  “BIGOT!”  Commentators on CNN and MSNBC talked like a bunch of 5th graders experimenting with newly discovered profanity, as they repeated the epithet with gusto, more than 125 times. On the air.

It’s noteworthy that everyone’s version of what Trump said in the meeting agrees he was speaking of countries, not races of people.  Yet the accusations of “racism” gushed forth because the Left’s Supreme Court of  Political Correctness immediately ruled that when Donald Trump speaks critically of a corrupt, dysfunctional country that subjugates its people in poverty and misery, he’s really showing contempt for the race of those subjugated people.

And let’s be real: the outraged reaction from the political-media establishment would have been exactly the same if everyone who was in the meeting agreed that, instead of profanity Trump had described the countries as “third world” or “undesirable.”  [Update: CNN’S Chris Cillizza confirmed my point!]

Democrats now hope to convince the public that Trump’s three conditions should be dismissed without consideration as the ravings of an ignorant bigot.

So, having established context, we can understand what’s really going on: Trump’s willingness to give permanent legal status to the DACA beneficiaries isn’t nearly enough!  Democrats’ DACA panic is grounded in the reality that they can’t count on current citizen voters to fulfill their EDM prophesy. 

Thus, they are desperate to turn the DACA folks into voting citizens ASAP.  AND, they want to import as many more Mexican and Central American immigrants as possible to supplant the current – and in their view suboptimal – electorate.  They believe these imports will eventually be automatic Democratic voters and will finally deliver on their EDM vision. 

This explains why Democrats are willing to do anything, even shut down the government, rather than agree to Trump’s three conditions, above. 

And, by the way, elected Democrats are already on record urging non-citizens to illegally register and vote.

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