What Is The Clintons’ Agenda, Anyway?

hillary-in-front-of-obama.jpgThe verdict of the media herd is in: There is no way for the Clintons to prevail.

For once, the media seem to be right. For better or worse, the party is now stuck with Barrack Obama.

The American Idol of politics, Senator Obama has rocketed from obscure, under-achieving State Senator to Presidential Nominee in just over three years. He has campaigned as the hip, new pop-culture celebrity with no resume or biography other than his own self-serving speeches and books.

Democrats shudder in fear of further eruptions from Reverend Wright, and more revelations of dirty business with Tony Rezko, Obama’s mentor and patron, whose trashy corruption trial in Chicago is nearing a verdict. It’s likely that new stink bombs will emerge to further taint his deliberately hyped public image.

But party leaders don’t dare allow the Clintons to bump this high risk candidate from the top of the ticket for two compelling reasons:

  1. If Obama isn’t the nominee, a quarter of the party’s most enthusiastic, voters, including African-Americans and the emotion-driven young, will become dispirited and will boycott the election in November.
  2. Obama raises more money than any other politician in America.

The Clintons know its too late to depose Obama, yet they both continue to campaign vigorously, agitate for favorable “resolution” of the Florida and Michigan controversies, and to make public statements insinuating that Obama can’t win because of race.


The Florida-Michigan Matter

These two states were warned by the DNC that their delegates would be locked out of the Presidential nominating convention if they scheduled their primaries before Super Tuesday (February 5). They defied the DNC and scheduled early primaries, anyway.

Nine months ago, when all this happened, the Clintons appeared to have a lock and party elites expected a perfunctory primary campaign with an early coronation of Hillary. They didn’t think Florida and Michigan would natter to the nomination, one way or the other. Apparently they didn’t think the voters of Michigan and Florida would hold a grudge that might effect the final outcome in November.

All the Democrat candidates promised not to campaign in those states. But the Clintons broke the promise and thus “won” more of the locked out delegates than make_your_vote_count.jpgObama. Since then, Hillary has made speeches in Michigan characterizing the situation as a de facto denial of voting rights. Democrats who believed the party’s hype in 2000, that Bush stole the Presidency from Al Gore by preventing thousands of legitimate Florida ballots from being counted, were already touchy about “counting all the votes.” But, as it now stands, the votes of Democrats in Florida and Michigan don’t count, and those states’ delegates are locked out.

The Florida-Michigan matter has become an open, festering wound, afflicting senior party bosses. If they allow the delegates into the convention to vote, it will be a boost to Hillary. The additional delegates would not be enough for her to win but they would add to the rancor between the party’s two factions. If they don’t seat the delegates they risk alienating their base voters in two states that could turn out to be must-win in November.

The Clintons actions so far have served to inflame resentments rather than unify the party behind Obama.

Provactive Remarks About Race:

Hillary told reporters at USA Today, that…

“I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on…Obama’s support among working – hard-working – Americans, White Americans, is weakening again…There’s a pattern emerging here. These are the people you have to win if you’re a Democrat in sufficient numbers to actually win the election. Everybody knows that.”

Hillary’s campaign adviser added,

“The Democratic Party can’t win with just eggheads and African-Americans…”

So what are they up to, these Clintons? It’s risky trying to guess what’s inside the mind of a politician but we think we have the answer: The 2012 Clinton Presidential campaign began this week.

The first step in setting the table for 2012 is to throw sand in the gears of Obama’s campaign. The best outcome for the Clintons would be a McCain win this year. President McCain would be 76 years old when the campaign for 2012 begins. Odds are he wouldn’t seek a second term. Even if Obama wins, Clinton mischief now could contribute to his first term being a failure, making him vulnerable in the primary campaign of ’12.

Peggy Noonan said it best,

“[Hillary] appears to believe that any act that benefits Clintons is a virtuous act, because Clintons are good and deserve to be benefited.”

There is no limit to the treachery the Clintons will employ to benefit themselves, regardless of the consequences. They’ll and deal with the consequences as they always have, with new acts of treachery and deception.

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  1. aaa again on May 11th, 2008

    Veteran Clinton-watchers will recognize the Machiavellian plausible deniability lines guaranteeing to “support Sen. Obama if he should be the nominee” for what they are. Diversionary. When in Clintonland, always consider the exact opposite of what they say.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, the “egghead and African-American” doubt-placing lines are dutifully served up by the foot soldiers. Expect more.

    That said, this tactic is probably not intended to displace Obama this campaign cycle; with the supers breaking toward Obama the ever politically supersmart Clinton team knows this is a possibility only in the event of a bolt out of the blue. Mr. Rezko may deliver, but it appears unlikely. The major media have, and will, simply refuse to characterize that relationship for what it is: corrupt.

    No, Team Clinton’s behavior is a perverse inversion of protocol. Rather than go down with the ship, this “Captain,” intends to scuttle the ship and artfully sneak out the secret doorway, only to run another day.

    Leaders of the party, indeed.