What is “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform?

Over the weekend, the unhinged reaction to Arizona’s new border enforcement law took the form of May Day, “immigrant rights” demonstrations all across the country.  The speeches all followed the same outline:

  • Demonize Arizonans for seeking to enforce the federal law that forbids foreigners from entering the U.S. without authorization and requires deportation of those who do;
  • Call on Congress to enact “comprehensive” immigration reform;
  • Insist that while we await action on “comprehensive” immigration reform it is “not fair” to deport anyone who entered the country illegally.immigrants rights demonstration

The phrase “comprehensive immigration reform” can mean almost anything.  Obviously, the system needs dramatic improvement.  Anyone who has observed the plight of foreigners who try to learn and then meet the requirements for legal immigration knows the INS is one of the world’s most dysfunctional bureaucracies.  Even as illegals stream across the Mexican border people who try to immigrate legally encounter endless, bewildering, bureaucratic barriers.

But what do immigrant rights groups and the political-media establishment think “comprehensive immigration reform” is? Speakers at the Immigrant and Workers Rights Rally in Foley Square, New York City on May 1 provided some interesting quotes to help us understand what they think it is.  SIEU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina said:

Every day without immigration reform means that students will not be able to continue their education because of their  legal status.

Every day without immigration reform means more workplace raids, more deportations, more families being separated, and more needless suffering.

Mr. Medina’s vision for reform would simply transform illegal immigrants into legal residents who could stay in school – at taxpayer expense – and continue their employment without risk of being caught and deported by immigration authorities.

New York Congressman Charlie Rangle bellowed:

Any country that people don’t want to leave and escape but want to come in to, should open up those doors to be as great as we can be.

Again, open  “those doors” so unlimited numbers of foreigners may enter, without meeting any qualifications.

New York Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus called for the law to grant illegals the same status as citizens:

We must continue to fight for the rights of all workers and that means undocumented workers…that is why it is time for comprehensive immigration reform.

Like most immigrant rights activists Ms Velazquez refers to people who have entered the country illegally as “undocumented” as if it were all just a paperwork problem, like a missing receipt.  She then said to this audience of mostly non-citizens:

I want for everyone here who is not registered to vote to register.  I want everyone here to come out to vote and I want you to out out Republicans and Democrats who oppose comprehensive immigration reform!

A member of the United States Congress urged non-citizens to illegally register and vote!

Barbara Bowen a professor and official with the union that represents the faculty of City University of New York shouted:

You have reminded us that workers know no borders and no human being is illegal.

She too urged the audience of non-citizens to register and vote.

When you hear calls for “comprehensive immigration reform” in order to “end illegal immigration,” remember that it’s not about sending illegals home.  It’s not about securing the borders.  It’s not about greater efficiency at INS or simplifying the process for controlled, legal immigration.

It’s about throwing open the border to unlimited numbers of new immigrants who will immediately be granted the full panoply of tax-supported entitlements, and will overwhelm the social services infrastructure.  Illegal immigration will end because no form of immigration will be illegal!

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