We Can’t Even Acknowledge Terrorism In Russia?

The Russian Intelligence Service announced that Friday’s spectacular train wreck was caused by “a homemade terrorist bomb.”  The Moscow-St. Petersburg train was traveling at 125 mph when the explosion caused it to derail, killing at least 26 people.  The Russians have opened a “terrorism investigation.”

The Obama Administration responded with what has become the tediously predictable political correctness that makes it so reluctant to admit that terrorists exist.  Here’s the White House press release:

For Immediate Release: November 27, 2009

Statement by the Press Secretary on the Train Derailment in Russia

We are deeply saddened by the terrible loss of life and injuries resulting from the reported derailment of a train between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. As authorities investigate the circumstances of this tragedy, our hearts go out to the families of those who lost loved ones, and we wish a speedy recovery to the injured.

“Derailment”?  “This tragedy”?  Appropriate terms for an accident.  What makes these people so reluctant to say terrorists attacked a train in Russia?

The Administration continues to equivocate and avoid acknowledging that the Ft. massacre was a terrorist act.

We can only hope that eventually our President will learn to think as clearly and speak as directly about terrorist attacks as the Russians.

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