Voters Must Elect a Worthy Commander-in-Chief

In this video Barack Obama promises, emphatically, to cut “wasteful spending” by eroding the effectiveness and capability of the US military, including this pledge:

I will slow our development of future combat systems.

Future Combat Systems (FCS) is the name of a top priority program that is critical to making soldiers more effective and reducing combat injuries and deaths. The FCS program is the Army’s promise to provide Soldiers the best equipment and technology available as soon as practical.

One product of the Future Combat Systems program is an astonishingly small but effective unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Raven. In this one minute video…

UAVs Guard Convoys

…troops are seen assembling the UAV in the field and launching it by throwing it into the air, like a model airplane. The Raven “sees” the ground ahead and transmits video back to the soldiers so they can spot any dangers before they approach.

Barack Obama claims to be ready to take better care of the troops, But he has also promised to slow down the development of new technologies like the Raven UAV.

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