Van Jones: A Study In Executive Incompetence

9/6 Update:

At Midnight on Saturday the White House issued Van Jones’ letter of resignation.  Jones accused his critics of being  “opponents of reform,”  and of “using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

Let is not forget that what he called “lies and distortions” were

  • several videos of  Jones making offensive and outrageous remarks in speeches and interviews, and
  • his signature  on a petition promoting the 9-11-was-an-inside-job conspiracy.

There will likely be an effort from the left to turn Jones into a martyr/hero victim of a a conservative/corporate smear.

By Drew, our contributing writer from the world of banking and corporate finance

The issue of President Obama’s “green jobs czar” Van Jones has dominated the airwaves recently.  Appointed without the advice and consent of the Senate because his position is one of a newly created – “czar” – (what next, Mr. President, the position of “Most Excellent and Exalted Leader?”) that isn’t subject to those rules.  No, this fine chap is one of the Obama Administration’s own picks.  And what a doosey.truther-obama-link

Mr. Jones has proved himself to be quite the poster boy for the current crop of crass Democratic/leftist “statesmen.”  In February he thought it wise to go into a public forum and describe Republicans as “assholes” in response to a question about the relative legislative effectiveness of Democrats and Republicans.  He’s a YouTube hit right now. This might appeal to the kiddies – they were all giggling at the meeting -, or the left wing of the Democratic Party (what’s the difference?) but it’s not what we expect from high level public officials.

And here is Mr. Jones’ acumen on display when it comes to business and the “green jobs czar” position he holds:

Remember, a big chunk of the African-American community is economically stranded. The blue-collar, stepping-stone, manufacturing jobs are leaving. And they’re not being replaced by anything. So you have this whole generation of young blacks who are basically in economic free fall.

If we can get these youth in on the ground floor of the solar industry now, where they can be installers today, they’ll become managers in five years and owners in ten. And then they become inventors. The green economy has the power to deliver new sources of work, wealth and health to low-income people—while honoring the Earth. If you can do that, you just wiped out a whole bunch of problems. We can make what is good for poor black kids good for the polar bears and good for the country.”

Now I’m all for entrepreneurship and the American dream.  But I’m also a seasoned investor.  In the last three months alone we’ve seen a whole host of solar ventures that have gone bust.  Some crazy notion of economic viability, you see.  Solar energy is a very high cost and in most geographies unreliable source of energy.  It’s a niche product.  It’s great to an article about how some guy in Arizona built a solar house.  But on a grand scale?  Not yet.

Unless oil spikes up to $150 a barrel, the numbers just don’t work for solar.  And no politician can change the laws of physics or economics.  So I have to say, I’m not worried about the polar bears.  But I do worry about those kids being duped into pursuing something as likely to happen as making it to the NBA.6a00d83451933369e201156ef4ad1c970c-800wi

But here is the most important issue:  Van Jones is a “9/11 truther.”  That’s right, a truther.  His signature appears as #46 on a petition demanding an official inquiry into:

…unanswered questions that suggest that people within the [Bush] administration may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.

If you’ve never read some of the truther’s theories they make great party topics, if you’ve had some adult beverages.  I’m talking about straight faced accusations that VP Cheney was there first hand.  Can’t you just see him scampering through over a hundred stories, setting off controlled detonations in the World Trade Towers? And two buildings!!  No bad ticker that guy.  It was just a head fake!!

These people are just absolute, bottom of the barrel whack jobs.

There are only three possible explanations for Mr. Jones truther beliefs:

  1. He’s really, really dumb,
  2. He’s mentally unstable,
  3. He’s so blindly partisan and reckless that he would lend his name to this lunatic effort.

Oh, I suppose we could be conciliatory and say he forgot to take his meds for a week.  But no explanations reflects well on Mr. Jones.

More importantly, the possible explanations reflect so terribly on Mr. Obama’s judgment – if not character – that it leaves one confounded as to just what people meant when they called him “smart” or possessing the talent and traits to lead.

Appointing truthers?  What next?  People who claim to have been abducted by space aliens??

If I was President and it came to light that I had let 9/11 truthers get into key positions in my administration I’d fire them so fast it would make your head spin.  It’s professionally embarrassing.  But as of this morning (Friday) White House Press Secretary Gibbs indicated there are no plans to cashier Mr. Jones.

Perhaps even scarier, we have a President who believes it wise to appoint a truther to lead us into the wild blue yonder of a green economy.  Go to your dictionary and look this up:  g-r-o-s-s  i-n-c-o-m-p-e-t-e-n-c-e.

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  2. thosand flowers blooming on September 4th, 2009

    There are serious questions, posed by serious people about 9-11.

    The Bush Administration kept a lid on and prevented any sort of serious examination of the evidence.

    Obama probably isn’t strong enough to launch an investigation.

    Someday the truth will come out.

  3. Fundamentally Change America on September 4th, 2009

    […] "Appointing truthers? What next? People who claim to have been abducted by space aliens??" […]

  4. Drew on September 5th, 2009

    See, I told you the truthers were deranged whack jobs.

    Look who is defending them.

    Sometimes these blogs act as de facto IQ tests, or psychiatric screens.

  5. Sarah Livingston on September 5th, 2009

    My Grandpa told me there were conspiracy theories about who really shot Pres. Lincoln. Even though 300 people in the theater saw Booth do it, there were still conspiracy nuts who said someone else did it.

    In modern times the conspiracy nuts show up after every tragedy: John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Iran hostages, and now 9-11.

    9-11 has already been investigated. 10 times. Now the Democrats are trying to undo the improvements that were made after the investigations found our Intelligence system was disorganized.

    “What really happened” on 9-11? 19 terrorists hijacked 3 planes and crashed them. That’s it. that is what really happened.

    After 8 years of looking the Bush haters haven’t come up with anything else but innuendo.

    But that doesn’t stop them from starting investigation #11. and some nut cases will always believe President Bush did it on purpose.