US Senate Seat No Longer On The Market

Illinois Governor Blagojevich has announced his choice for appointment to the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Obama: Former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris.Roland Burris of Chicago

Three weeks ago the US Attorney charged Blagojevich with attempting to sell the Seat to the highest bidder.  Since then, Democrats across the nation have demanded that the Governor resign, but he has defiantly refused.

Senate Majority Leader and world-class buffoon Harry Reid announced that if the Governor appointed anyone, the Senate would exercise its prerogative under the Constitution to deny the seat to that person.

But with this appointment of an African American the Governor has twisted Reid and his fellow Democrats into politically correct knots.  Democrats have spent decades building a loyal voting block by promoting the myths that Republicans are against rights and opportunities for Blacks, that Democrats are their only friends, and that any political opposition to any African American is thinly disguised racism.

We can probably expect a lot of bitter Cable TV debate over this nomination, with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson wagging fingers and threatening to tar anyone who opposes the nomination with the R word.  It’s more than likely that Reid and the Senate Democrats will have to back down.

Not that anyone on the Democrat side cares, but Mr. Burris does have ten years private sector experience as a bank executive.  Perhaps he gained some wisdom that fellow Senators would respect, and perhaps he might warn that the mission President-elect Obama and the Democrats plan to take on, micro-managing the entire economy from the offices of the Washington bureaucracy, is a bad idea.

The coming intra-party squabble with Democrats accusing other Democrats of racism, will be entertaining.  But Obama’s plan to use the government-caused financial crises as a pretext for assumption of massive new power by the federal government is a looming catastrophe.

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  1. Sarah Livingston on December 31st, 2008

    I live in Chicago and I know Burris. He’s a sleazy, dishonest politician. If he was ever a “bank executive” he was probably in charge of screwing credit card customers with late charges and interest increases.

  2. aaa again on December 31st, 2008

    Sarah –

    A sleazy dishonest Chicago pol? Is there any other kind? (And I’m not trying to be cute. As all of us in Chicago know, Daley plows under airport runways in the middle of the night, and looks the other way as cars get towed for graft.)

    Separately, how long did it take to play the race card? About 24 hours. Even though Jesse White (who is black) is saying he will not ratify it, Burris is already crying racism.