Urgent Campaign Issues (1)

First in a series

The Presidential Campaign has been long on personal insults and promises of loony fantasies that will never happen but short on debate of real issues that will be critically important over the next eight years. 

The rich can not be taxed enough to pay for Mrs. Clinton’s promised programs and benefits.  Forced Deportation of 12 million men women and children is simply beyond the logistical and administrative capacity of the federal government. It won’t happen.  We’ll never see the government become the healthcare provider to every citizen, even though Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have both said they can make it happen.

Thus, we the people must demand that candidates focus on urgent matters that will have to be addressed over the next four to eight years, whether or not they wish to talk about them.

Let’s start with what is one of the most urgent problems. 

debt-chart-2015The recent growth in US government debt is obviously unsustainable.  There is no reasonable scenario under which this debt is ever paid off.  Interest on the debt is a major and rising federal expense, crowding out other priorities. 

Nobody can predict when the world’s investors will begin to balk at loaning even more to our reckless politicians.  But when the inevitable shift from investor confidence to no confidence in the US government comes, it will be sudden and without warning.  That’s how markets work.

Government borrowing isn’t always bad. But it should occur only in emergency or crisis situations, not as a routine policy that never stops.

We the people must demand that candidates propose serious, doable plans to transform annual budget deficits into annual surpluses.

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