Update: More on Barack Obama and William Ayers

Our previous post, below, discusses Barack Obama’s long association with unrepentant former terrorist and leftist radical William Ayers, including their joint management of a failed Chicago School development program, The Annenberg Challenge.

Over at Fox News are portions of a 2004 interview of William Ayers by reporter and author James Rosen, demonstrating that Obama’s mentor is still a leftist radical and still believes bombing the Capitol and the Pentagon was justified as a tool of political action. Here’s an excerpt

Explaining how he became a leader of the radical 1960s antiwar group, the Weathermen (and its subsequent fugitive incarnation, the Weather Underground), Ayers was unrepentant about the group’s planting of bombs in the Capitol, the Pentagon, and other sites. “I think I was on the side of justice and ultimately it will be seen that way,” Ayers said. “I don’t think our move was so much towards violence.

“I think that what we did was to look at this situation of 2,000 people a day being murdered [in Vietnam] and try to figure out a couple of things. One is, how can we effectively resist the war, when we thought our charge was to convince the majority of the American people to oppose it. We did. And still the war went on, and still the murder went on. So what do you do…What we did was try to build the capacity to survive what we saw was an impending American fascism.

“…And so we said to ourselves, ‘What are we going to do?’… And so we set about building a clandestine organization. And the whole point was to survive them and then possibly to take the fight to them against the war and against, against empire, generally … I think we were moving in a direction that said demonstrations you know, we’ve tried to demonstrate. We’ve tried to petition our government. We’ve gone door to door and knocked on doors. We’ve talked to our neighbors. We’ve talked to, you know, our parents, our Republican parents. And everybody agrees with us; but we can’t stop the war. So what do we do?”

They were unable to persuade voters and politicians to see the world as they saw it with words. So they made bombs.

Back in May we looked into another Obama-Ayers collaboration: serving on the board of The Woods Foundation.

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