Trump Thinks His Followers Are Idiots

A President’s character and integrity matters. A lot. Thus it’s a big deal when a Presidential candidate is caught in an blatant attempt to deceive his own supporters. 

trump-tweet-phony-megynIt seems that Donald Trump is still nursing a grudge against Moderator Megyn Kelly whose offense was asking him one difficult question in the first Fox News debate back in August.  When Fox News CEO Roger Ailes declined to meet his demand that Kelly not be allowed to help Moderate the Fox debate just before the Iowa caucus, Trump announced that he would not show up.

Trump was busy on Twitter during the hours leading up to debate time, attempting to discredit Fox News and Megyn Kelly.

One of his nasty tweets, shown to the right, is a combination of two major deceptions:

  1. It says Saudi Prince Al-Waleed is “the co-owner of Fox News,” a description meant to plant the perception in the mind of the reader that the Prince is an equal partner with another owner and thus participates in programming decisions. But in fact he owns about 6% of the stock in 21st Century Fox Corporation, parent company of Fox News, Fox Sports Channel, Fox Business Channel, the Fox Entertainment Network, a movie studio and several other properties.  21st Century is traded on the NASDAQ so anyone can buy shares of its stock.  But a stock holder has no authority over management of, or content produced by any of its divisions any more than an Apple stock holder decides what features will be in the next iphone.
  2. The photo, purporting to be of Megyn Kelly posing with Prince Al-Waleed, is a Photoshop Hoax.  Her image was lifted from this Hollywood Reporter web page, (reproduced below) and placed into a photo of the Prince and a woman in a burka.

The millions of voters who support Mr. Trump have legitimate grievances against President Obama and the governing establishment, including the Republicans they helped to win majorities in the House and Senate.  The Trump campaign is designed to channel their anger after the GOP has failed to acknowledge or address these grievances in any meaningful way.  He deserves credit for calling out the tyranny of political correctness and thought control inflicted upon the nation by the progressive movement and it’s media toadies.

But unfortunately, the Trump campaign quickly degenerated into a classic cult of personality.  As we explained here and here his signature campaign promises are unworkable fantasies.  Yet, if one believes the polls, his fans willingly forgive or ignore his manifest lack of honesty, integrity and realistic ideas.  We can only hope a more honorable GOP candidate emerges who can identify with these aggrieved voters and expose Trump for the fraud he is before he wins the nomination and thus awards the Presidency to the Democrats for another four years at least.


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