The Willful Crisis, Act II

Due to incompetence and malfeasance Congress has failed to complete its core, Constitutional duties:

  • Pass a budget for fiscal year 2011, which began October 1, 2010.
  • Pass 12 appropriations bills that break the budget down to more manageable pieces and grant each department and agency the budget authority to continue operations.

Thus, Congress has given us another of its infamous crises.  Without appropriations the government’s various departments and agencies have no authority to do anything and the government “shuts down.”  Congress passed a “Continuing Appropriations Act” in September that authorized the government to continue operating at 2010 budget levels.  The September bill was “clean” in that it was only ten pages and not packed with special interest subsidies and earmarks.  But it expires Saturday and the government will shut down if Congress does not act.

Senate Majority Leader Reid sought to exploit the crisis to the advantage of Democratic constituencies with a two thousand page “Omnibus” bill.  Described in the previous post the Omnibus combines 12 appropriations into one, incomprehensible monstrosity.

Today Senator McConnell offered a common sense alternative to Reid’s 2,000 page obscenity: A single page that extends the September Continuing Appropriations Act until February 18, giving the new Congress time to enact a proper budget and proper appropriations.  Here it is:

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