The Stimulus: Largest Load of Pork Ever

We’ve been browsing through the so-called Stimulus, a daunting, 736 pages. There are so many expenditures, it would literally take weeks for us to comment on all of them.  Here’s just one we selected at random from page 93:

$9,048,000,000, to carry out the purposes of the Federal Buildings Fund, of which not less than $1,400,000,000 shall be available for Federal buildings and United States courthouses, not less than $1,200,000,000 shall be available for border stations, and not less than $6,000,000,000 shall be available for measures necessary to convert GSA facilities to High-Performance Green Buildings…

That’s NINE BILLION DOLLARS, not to buy or build, but to “convert” buildings, by adding politically correct “green” stuff.  shopping-center

To put this massive sum in perspective consider this shopping center, The Mall of Cincinnati, with almost 1.2 million square feet of store space.  Located 15 miles northwest of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, this is the largest shopping center in the Tri-State Region. It’s for sale, for $12 Million.  You could purchase 750, major, regional shopping centers like this one, for what Congress is about to spend to convert existing buildings to “green buildings.”

This huge shopping cneter is for sale for less than 1% of the $9 Billion politicians are about to spend on “green” retrofits for government buildings.  And by the way, that $9 Billion is only one percent – 1% – of the current total price tag for The Big Stimulus, the largest load of pork in the history of the world!

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