The Obama Stimulus to Save Jobs: Progress Report


The $787 Billion Stimulus was enacted by Congress on February 13, after President Obama, Democrat leaders and most of the media declared that massive new borrowing and spending would immediately halt job losses.  Passing the legislation was treated as an emergency.  Congressmen and Senators voted without reading the final version, before it was even printed, when the only copy had hand written changes, cross-outs and margin notes.

During the eight weeks before the stimulus passed, as President Obama and Congress were urgently writing and selling the legislation, there were 4,568,000 unemployment insurance claims.

In the most recent eight week period there were 4,788,000 unemployment insurance claims.

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  1. aaa again on July 30th, 2009

    Its working just fine, isn’t it? I suspect Obama may want to “recalibrate” his rermarks at some point. (snicker) Did I say weeks? I meant months.

    I notice a thousand wilted lettuces hasn’t been around defending this train wreck recently.