The Obama-Media Strategy: Manipulate the Uninformed

Throughout the campaign we reported here in Liberty Works on the many ways the Obama Campaign targeted and manipulated the uninformed.  The video below, produced by this group is a funny but painful glimpse at the uninformed who were persuaded to vote for Obama.

In partnership with ACORN, the Obama campaign conducted massive voter registration drives to attract ignorant people like those who appear in the video.  Informed people who are interested in politics are already registered.  Most of the newly registered were the apathetic and uninformed, who were then deliberately targeted by the simplistic, misleading messages of the Obama Cult of Personality.

Here some excerpts from the results of a Zogby Poll of Obama voters conducted after the election:

Q: Before the election, which party controlled both houses of Congress:

Answers from Obama voters: Republicans: 36.5%; Democrats: 43%; Neither party: 13%; Don’t know: 8%.  only 43% of Obama voters knew the right answer.  How could any sentient American believe that neither party controls congress?

Q: Which candidate could not say how many houses they own?

Answer: McCain: 81%.

Q: Which candidate said they could see Russia from their house?

Answer: 87% of Obama voters answered Sarah Palin.  Actually Gov. Palin said, correctly, that one can see Russia from the far North-West edge of Alaska.  It was Tina Fey, who changed it to “from my house” in a Saturday Night Live skit.

These voters were not school dropouts.  Over 90% had attended and/or graduated from college.  Only 3% had not completed high school.  Unfortunately, education in America no longer includes what used to be standard: the fundamental principles that informed the founding of America and the writers of  the US Constitution.

For those of us who wish to preserve liberty in America, the strategy is easy to identify, if very difficult to implement:  We must find ways to communicate the timeless principles of  liberty, and limited government, and the proven success of private enterprise in this era of audacious hype and a corrupt, negligent mass media, that enthusiastically participates in manipulating the uninformed.

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