The Inevitable Outcome of Obama’s 16 Month Plan

The last time the anti-war left convinced America to “end” a war, by abandoning the people who believed we were their allies and had been loyal to us was 1975.

Virtually all American troops had come home from Vietnam, after training the South Vietnamese army to take over defense of their country, with the support of US supplied arms and material. The Communists in the North were exhausted and about to give up the fight when the United States Congress, dominated by anti-war Democrats, cut off support, dooming our allies in the South to defeat.

On April 30, 1975, as the whole world watched on TV, The last Marine helicopters lifted off the roof of the besieged American Embassy, evacuating the last Embassy personnel and Marine guards, and perhaps a thousand extremely fortunate Vietnamese who had been loyal to America, to an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. Left behind were tens of thousands of other loyal Vietnamese who eventually were tortured and/or slaughtered by the conquering army of the Communist Regime.

Here are some scenes from that day of American shame, including the panic at the embassy. On the carrier Sailors and Marines had to shove several helicopters into the ocean to make room for more incoming helicopters full of desperate evacuees. Also seen are some of the first “boat people” waiting to be taken aboard and evacuated to America.


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