The D-Day Congress and the Iraq War Congress

On the anniversary of D-Day a number of spineless Senators and Congressmen of the Democrat persuasion could learn important lessons from the Democratic Congress and Democratic President of World War II.

honest-leadership.jpgWhile the American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of 1945 lacked many of the technological advantages today’s troops have, they did have one major advantage that has been denied the courageous men and women serving in Iraq: A united Congress, committed to nothing less than total victory.

In 1944 no US Senator announced to the world – including the enemy – that the war was lost, as Majority Leader Harry Reid did last year, just as US troops arrived in Iraq to launch the spectacularly successful, counter-insurgency operation known as The Surge. There was a Presidential election campaign in 1944. But there was no candidate running on a promise to abandon the effort, throw away all the hard won gains, and retreat, as Barack Obama now promises, if he is elected.

It’s hard to imagine anything more disastrous than what Barack Obama will do to the volunteer military if he is elected and actually goes through with his promise to abandon Iraq to Al Qaeda and the other assorted thugs, insurgents, and Iranian-backed militias, who have largely been defeated and subdued by this magnificent counter-insurgency operation.

It has been over a year since the media bothered to report reenlistment rates. Why? Because reenlistments have been high, and all branches of the military have met or exceeded their quotas. The American media bury anything that could be interpreted as good news associated in any way with Iraq.

What would happen to the reenlistment rate if hundreds of thousands of men and women who have served in Iraq were given the message that the blood and sweat and years of their lives they poured into that effort were for nothing? Why would that happen? Because five years ago, when he was an obscure State Senator, would-be President Obama opposed the decision to liberate Iraq from Saddam and his maniacal sons.

Senator Obama has based his entire campaign on the claim that his opposition to liberating Iraq and birthing a consensual government in the heart of the Middle East is all the proof he needs to demonstrate that his “judgment” is superior to that of his adversaries. Thus, if the men and women of the US military ultimately succeed in transforming Iraq into a peaceful democracy and US ally, their accomplishment would cast doubt on his so-called “judgment” and injure his fragile ego.

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