The Constitution Disrupts an ObamaCare Town Hall

An Aid to Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill held a town hall meeting in St. Louis to hype ObamaCare.  She got an earful from a rambunctious crowd that was definitely against a government take-over of  health care.  One man, a former soldier was especially articulate in attacking ObamaCare as a direct, violation of The Constitution.

The 100 second video starts very quickly, and it’s hard to understand his first words:

“…we [Senator McCaskill and I] have something in common in that we both took an oath to defend the Constitution.  Her oath took her to Washington, my oath took me overseas with a rifle.”


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  1. aaa again on July 30th, 2009

    LOL I hate it when that Constitution thingy gets in the way of totalitarian statist government.