The Clintons’ Obsolete Spin Machine

Bill Clinton is often touted as the most skilled politician the age. But again and again during this campaign he is best compared with the old general losing battles with obsolete weapons and tactics from the last war.

Yesterday, just as the media herd had roamed on to other concerns, leaving Hillary’s story of running for cover from imaginary snipers in the morgue of the last news cycle, Bill brought it to life again! He claimed she “misspoke” only once, late at night, even though the TV networks, bloggers and YouTube have provided more than ample video documentation of her repeating this fantasy several times, in broad daylight, even after it had been debunked!

If this were 1992 Hillary might have succeeded in her attempt to plant in the minds of many or most voters the mental images of her plane’s corkscrew approach and perilous landing, and of herself running across the tarmac, dodging enemy gunfire. Of course, those with relevant experience would immediately realize what a preposterous notion she was selling, that the Air Force and Secret Service would deliberately deliver the First Lady and First Daughter into an ongoing fire fight. But they would be without the means to communicate with the rest of us.

If This were 1992 Bill might persuade a majority of voters that one mistake, made by an exhausted candidate, at a late night event had been exaggerated by political adversaries.

But with a mature Internet, enabling thousands of fact checking bloggers and news archivists to immediately collaborate and promulgate the truth, Generals Bill and Hillary are hopelessly behind the curve.

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  1. theclassiclib on April 14th, 2008

    Bill’s just proving himself the “has been” everybody knew he’d become. But then again, maybe he got thrown off his game by a hot chick walking by. LOL!

  2. aaa again on April 16th, 2008

    Information sure is a problem for Team Clinton!

    Can’t you just see Bill right now: “who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”