The Chaotic Urgency of Politics

How could anyone believe the chaotic farce under way in Congress could result in improved health care?


The debate over ObamaCare would have ended before it began if members of the House and Senate remembered the oath they took to defend the Constitution, which does not authorize the federal government to provide or regulate health care or health insurance.

But unfortunately, the threat of ObamaCare is real because Congress and the President simply ignore the Constitution.

But setting aside the Constitution, a century of experience with ever expanding government should convince even the most naive citizens that Congress could not, by writing a single, oceanic bill that implements bureaucratic supervision and control of every aspect of health insurance, ensure the idyllic health care outcomes promised by the President and his cheer leaders.

Democrat leaders in the house hope to pass the 2,700 page bill that passed by the Senate in an atmosphere of desperate urgency, last Christmas Eve.  Then, they hope to pass a supplemental bill of amendments that “fix” the Senate bill. Or, they may disregard the Constitutional requirement that they pass the Senate bill first and simply assert that by passing the supplemental bill the house “deems” the Senate bill passed as well!

If ObamaCare were enacted least 55 new commissions, agencies, and bureaucracies would first write and then enforce thousands of pages of new regulations mandated by the legislation.  None of those bureaucracies would be accountable to doctors or patients. Nobody can imagine all the unintended consequences as the various programs, mandates, taxes and subsidies are phased in over a seven year period.

The President continues to claim we can keep our current insurance or Medicare coverage.  But the legislation begins with new mandates and rules that will change every health insurance policy, increasing the cost of most. It cuts Medicare funding and  establishes a permanent board whose mandate is to continue to find ways to cut Medicare, year after year, forever.

Obama brags about about favorable estimates of deficit reduction from the Congressional Budget Office. But Harry Reid gamed the system to get those estimates.   The bill schedules higher taxes to support new programs several years before the programs and their costs are scheduled to begin. And, the CBO warned that their estimates were “subject to substantial uncertainty.”

Again, how can anyone, even one who wants a more powerful government, believe this process will yield anything but bureaucratic bedlam?

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  1. Thousand Flowers Blooming on March 16th, 2010

    The Republicans tell simple lies. Democrats respond with complex answers. The simpletons dont get it and support the Republicans. Its easier when you dont want think to just yell “Start Over!”

    But lies and obstruction isn’t going to work this time. Obama and Pelosi are committed and WILL get this done to protect the American people from predatory health insurance.

  2. Van Nuys Vanessa on March 16th, 2010

    Just consider this: The same Neo-cons who dont want insurance companies reigned in through reasonable health care reform are also the same people who want social security privatized with no regulations!

    How long do we have to listen to this nonsense before we tell them to go pound sand!

  3. The Anti-Conservative on March 16th, 2010

    Thousands die every month because of the corporate health care monopoly in this country. US is the only civilized country without a simple, efficient, cost-effective health care system that doesn’t put money barriers between people and medical treatment.

    You’ll all see the light in a few years when health care is a right and not a very expensive privilege for the wealthy few.

  4. Drew on March 18th, 2010

    I see the 3 Stooges have returned.

    I also note that Wilting Flowers and Van Nutty Vanessa didn’t take me up on my offer to actually examine real live data on the effect of government intervention, especially in health care. Anyone surprised?

    So its the typical mindless hurling of invective against insurance companies, with no real analysis.

    I don’t think these three combined have the brain power to even begin to debate me on the facts.

    Dopes. Just garden variety dopes.