Thankful For What We Have, Not Grieving For What We’ve Lost

As Thanksgiving dawns, many – perhaps most – Americans have recently suffered economic setbacks and may feel more cheated than thankful.  But if you have a computer, Internet access, decent shelter and enough to eat you have more than most of the world.

Being thankful for what we have instead of grieving for what we’ve lost, or worrying about what we might lose, makes us healthier, happier, and better able to confront life’s challenges.

The enjoyment of liberty comes with obligations and responsibilities.  One responsibility is for all of us to voluntarily help the needy instead of expecting government bureaucracy, paid for by someone else, to do it for us. We can give direct help to family or neighbors, or meet needs in our own communities.  Or, we can contribute to church or charitable helpers.  Most of us can do or give something, no matter what financial losses we’ve suffered.

Here’s an inspiring video about Convoy of Hope, an organization that has countless success stories of lifting poor, discouraged, lost people out of dispair, and into productive lives.  You can help them with your time and/or a little of your money.


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