Debt Celing Fight: Obama Has Made Himself Irrelevant

On Friday Evening an angry President Obama held a press conference to announce that, once again, debt ceiling negotiations had broken down.  Of course he blamed Republicans.  Here’s an excerpt: So here’s what we’re going to do.  We have now run out of time.  I told Speaker Boehner, I’ve told Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, I’ve […]

Debt Ceiling Debate: “Balance” vs Confronting Reality

Before we agree to President Obama’s demand for tax increases shouldn’t we take a look at what brought us to this moment of debt crisis? In his third debt-ceiling press conference President Obama called for a “balanced approach” or “balanced package” seven times.  By this he meant immediate tax rate increases and spending cuts to […]

Taxpayers Have Already Paid Revenue Increases!

President Obama and the Democrats keep trying to shift the blame for seemingly endless economic misery from themselves to the very taxpayers who have delivered more revenue to the government than anyone thought was possible just a few months ago. By now virtually every American has heard President Obama, the Democrats and the media chorus […]

Ignorance & Prejudice Drive Ruinous Economic Policy

Double taxation of profits is not a jobs plan. This article was published on June 22 and revised on June 23 in response to questions, objections and advice received via email and Twitter. It’s human nature to seek one or two silver bullet reforms that would miraculously ignite prosperity.  Thus the appeal of the Obama […]

The Looming Debt Crisis Driven by Spending

Congressmen and Senators from the Left are at it again.  On the Sunday talk shows they renewed their call for tax increases as if the deficit crisis was caused by lack of revenue rather than their own profligate spending.   Publicly available data from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) debunks their position. The […]

Obama’s Deficit Hustle (3)

President Obama’s deficit narrative is a hoax. In what has become his campaign stump speech he makes a series of assertions that upon scrutiny prove to be baseless and to contradict publicly available data from his own Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  He claims that during the Bush years: …we made the [deficit] problem […]

Obama’s Deficit Hustle (2)

Are Millionaires and Billionaires the Problem? In his speech on government debt last week President Obama sought to exploit the complexity of the tax system to deceive The People.  Our previous post debunks his implication that President Bush caused the current debt crisis.  Further into his speech he implied that “millionaires and billionaires” were to […]

Budget Fantasies & FlimFlam (2)

Among several preposterous assertions made by President Obama in his Tuesday press conference was this: When I took office, I pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. Our budget meets that pledge… None of the assembled reporters disputed or asked for clarification.    This chart helps tell the […]

Obama-Speak Translated Into American English

President Obama is nothing if not an accomplished practitioner of Washington-Speak.  As a public service we’ve translated some of the words and phrases from his State of The Union Speech into Main Street, American English. “Invest” – Spend “Investments” – Government programs and alternative energy schemes “Poised for progress” – My bureaucracy is working on […]

A Positive Proposal in State of The Union

America should be the best, not one of the worst places on the planet to do business! The State of the Union speech was long and as usual, was bland after expectations were built by weeks of media hype.  For the most part President Obama dug in his heels and avoided any concessions to his […]

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