Harry Reid is Either Ignorant or Lying

Speaking from the floor of the United States Senate yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid resorted to an outright lie to sell his plan to increase tax rates on high income business owners and investors: Senate Republicans…oppose our plan [for] a tiny sur-tax on on a tiny fraction of America’s highet earners…Republicans call our plan a […]

Flim Flam and Fantasy From The Super Committee

Communication from the Congressional “Super Committee” reminds us of an overused gag from “I Love Lucy” and other early TV sitcoms.   Rickey comes home from work to learn that his ditzy wife Lucy has spent money they can’t afford on something they don’t need and he doesn’t want.  Lucy assures him the unneeded trinket […]

To The Super Committee: It’s The Spending! (2)

One would never know it from all the anguish expressed by the political-media establishment, but the Congressional Super Committee’s assignment is absurdly easy. This week the august Senators and Congressmen head into their final, dramatic days of deliberations.  Their assignment is to propose $1.2 trillion of “deficit reduction” over ten years, beginning 2013. In Washington […]

Herman Cain’s 999 Tax Plan (Part 2: Bussiness and Investors)

Last week we published an analysis of Herman Cain’s 999 tax plan as it relates to taxation of individuals and promised a second article examining the proposal’s tax treatment of business and investors.  In the meantime Mr. Cain, and others purporting to have been informed by or to speak for the campaign have written editorials […]

Herman Cain’s 999 Tax Plan (Part 1: Taxing individuals)

Please scroll down for an UPDATE Candidate Herman Cain has proposed a plan for revolutionary tax reform.  In this article we analyze the effects of this plan on individual taxes. When comparing various tax plans one must remember that every possible form of tax is disagreeable in some way.  So rather than holding out for […]

Obama Designs a Tax Plan to Prevent New Jobs

President Obama introduced his plan to “pay for” his so-called “American Jobs Act” with a classic political straddle: Nobody wants to punish success in America…this is the land of opportunity. That’s great. All I’m saying is that those who have done well, including me, should pay our fair share in taxes to contribute to the […]

Obama Teleprompter Malfunction

President Obama stepped in front of the cameras in the white House Rose Garden and gave an angry speech to promote his “plan for deficit reduction.”   But two, contradictory segments from his remarks are typical of the chaotic lack of focus and consistency usually associated with politics, not serious policy debate. Most of the speech […]

With “Experts” Like Krugman Progressives are Clueless

Paul Krugman, the Progressive’s favorite “economist” pontificated again from his New York Times tower, far from the realities of Main Street.  Astoundingly, Krugman says the problem is the government has not yet borrowed and spent enough to haul the economy out of recession.  Here’s an excerpt: I don’t mean to dismiss concerns about the long-run […]

Millionaires Vanishing: Are Progressives Satisfied Yet?

One of the Progressive Movement’s core doctrines is that the economy is a zero sum battle ground where the rich face off against middle class workers with one side enjoying greater prosperity only at the expense of the other.  But in reality their interests are in harmony and their fortunes rise and fall together. The […]

Malarkey from Millionaires

Can you spare a few bucks to help disadvantaged millionaires pay higher taxes? Recently, in coordination with President Obama’s renewed calls for a tax hike, the political-media establishment revived one it’s more absurd scams, “millionaires” complaining that the tax system doesn’t take enough of their income.  It’s absurd because a millionaire, indeed any taxpayer, is […]

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