Will Romney Have to Raise Middle Class Taxes?

One of President Obama’s continuous campaign attack lines is the claim that Mitt Romney has, in Obama’s words: …a plan to give trillions in new tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy, a plan that could cost the typical middle class family $2,000 a year. In his convention speech former President Bill Clinton said Romney […]

Medicare: Democrats’ Perpetual Scam

Within minutes of Mitt Romney’s announcement that he had picked Paul Ryan for his running mate the Obama campaign launched a replay of Medi-Scare, the Democrats’ perennial election year strategy.  The usual tactic is to hold Medi-scare until the final weeks before the election and then tell seniors via sinister direct mail pieces that those […]

Campaigning on Principle (Finally!)

Shortly after Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan A friend sent me an email that opened with “You wanted an in-your-face guy, here he is.  You wanted an in-your-face debate, here it is.”   The following started out to be a private note back to him.  But I got carried away and turned it into a […]

The Ryan Effect: A Brand New, Volatile Campaign

Forget everything you thought you knew about the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate turns a dreary, negative, small-ball campaign into a once-in-a-generation, articulate attack on the beliefs and assumptions underlying the Democratic Party’s core articles of faith. Predictably, a herd of smug liberals breathlessly share the news […]

America’s Comeback Team

Mitt Romney has signaled a significant change in campaign strategy. The Republican ticket is now complete.  Mitt Romney announced his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, who told a cheering audience he was proud to be on America’s comeback team. Mr. Ryan is the Republican Party’s most able budget and policy innovator and a passionate advocate […]

Did Obama’s Economic Plan “Work”?

In a recent campaign speech about taxes, jobs and the economy the President bellowed: “Just like we’ve tried their [Republican’s] plan, we’ve tried our plan, and it worked.  That’s the difference.  That’s the choice in this election.  That’s why I’m running for a second term.” How, in the face of America’s ongoing economic misery could […]

Two More Versions of What Obama Claims He Said

In one day the Obama campaign frantically pumped out two new videos with two new and conflicting claims regarding what Obama “really” said, when his actual words, recorded on video were: If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen. The President’s entire rant against high income taxpayers, most […]

Bain Capital: A Small Thing In a Big Election

The following quote from Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign speech, was repeated a hundred times in a hundred venues.  He even recycled for his inaugural address: If you can’t beat your opponent’s ideas, you distort those ideas — maybe you just make some up!  If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint […]

Another Tragic Jobs Report

The Labor Department has published its jobs report for May: Employers added a pathetic 69,000 jobs.  It takes at least 125,000 new jobs every month to keep up with the growth in the working age population, and employers still have not replaced the five million jobs that were lost in 2008 and 2009. The reports […]

Profits Are The Fuel of Job Creation

To support the Obama campaign scores of politicians and assorted gasbags, all across the media echo chamber are chanting the same ignorant slogan:  “Mitt Romney’s priority at Bain Capital was not to create jobs, it was to maximize profits.” The first post in this series explained what private equity really is and debunked charges from […]

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