Zero Jobs: The Needless Misery Continues

The Chart compares the results of the Obama strategy of massive government borrowing, spending and intervention in the private sector with the results of the Reagan approach of deregulation, lower income tax rates and greater liberty. Employers added ZERO new jobs in August. The statistics for June and July were revised, showing 58,000 fewer jobs […]

Another Devastating Jobs Report Confirms Failure

The Labor Department posted a grim jobs report for June, emphasizing America’s continuing economic misery. Employers added an anemic 18,000 jobs in June.  The May number was revised downward from 54,000 to 25,000 additional jobs. The unemployment rate ticked up to from 9.1% to 9.2% If the 2011 rate of job growth continues, it will […]

ObamaNomics Stifles Private Sector Job Creation

If Private Sector Job creation had been Obama’s original goal the Reagan Administration experience provided the formula to achieve that goal. The Labor Department’s monthly jobs report for May showed private sector employers created 83,000 jobs in May.  Unfortunately, state and local governments cut 29,000 employees so the net job gain was only 54,000.  This […]

Obama Needs Reagan Style Job Growth

President Reagan won a second term in a 49 state landslide.  With opposite economic policies and opposite results President Obama’s prospects are not so good. The Labor Department posted another disappointing jobs report on Friday, emphasizing America’s continuing economic misery.  Employers created only 54,000 new jobs in May and the unemployment rate ticked up to […]

Jobs: Are Obama’s Policies “Working?”

The monthly Jobs report released March 4 offers some hope that the worst recession misery may be behind us.  Employers added 192,000 jobs in February, about double the average gain over the preceding twelve months.  The unemployment rate ticked down from 9.0% to 8.9%.   Establishment media gleefully reported “good news for the Obama White […]

We Need Reagan’s 1980 Speech Again Today

Scroll down for video of Ronald Reagan’s Acceptance Speech at the 1980 Republican Convention.  It’s 46 minutes, an eternity in this age of hair trigger mouse clickers.  But much of it could be repeated almost verbatim by whoever is nominated to challenge Barack Obama in 2012. Here are some examples: I will not stand by […]

On Reagan’s 100th Birthday Remember Prosperity

The Labor Department published its December jobs report Friday. Presidents Reagan and Obama both inherited severe recessions.  But they chose opposite strategies in response.  The chart compares employment losses and gains during and after those two worst recessions since the Great Depression. Facts from the January jobs report: Employers created 36,000 new jobs in January, […]

Results Are In: Obama’s Keynesian Gamble Failed

Government economists issued their GDP report for the fourth quarter of 2010 on Friday.  The report confirmed again that the largest and most aggressive test of Keynesian stimulus theory ever tried has failed. President Obama and his advisers promised that a massive Keynesian “stimulus” in the form of Trillions in deficit spending would result in  […]

Jobs Report Confirms: This Is Not Working

In November, the 35th month since the recession began: The unemployment rate went up from 9.6% to 9.8%. Overall job growth, including private and public sectors was 39,000, a pitifully small number compared to previous, post-recession recoveries. If the 2010 rate of job growth continues, it will take another six years to replace all the […]

Obama’s Ideology Continues to Fail Us

The Labor Department released another dismal jobs report Friday Morning.  In September: The unemployment rate was 9.6%. Private sector employment grew by an anemic 64,000 jobs Federal, State and Local governments shed 149,000 jobs. If the 2010 rate of private sector job growth continues, it will take 90 more months, or until March, 2018, to […]

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