Obama Pumps Up His Tire Pressure Hoax

Barack Obama attacked the McCain campaign for making jokes about his claim from last week that if only you and your fellow drivers would properly inflate your tires you would save as much oil as could be produced through additional drilling. His exact words were… If everybody in America inflated their tires to the proper […]

Obama’s Energy Speech: Sound & Fury Signifying Nothing

Last week Barack Obama said that if you get better about inflating your tires, no additional oil would be necessary. Here’s the video clip. Today, in a Michigan speech, Obama spoke at length on energy but apparently forgot about how important tire pressure was last week. But some helpful folks from the McCain campaign reminded […]

Gas Prices: The Crisis Made In Washington

Yesterday, President Bush again called on Congress to repeal it’s bans against drilling for oil on American territory and in American waters. . From the Democrat leaders in the House and Senate came the usual insipid response that “Bush policies” caused high gas prices. As always, they were unable to identify or describe the bad […]

One Small Step Toward Cheaper Gasoline

President Bush today lifted a 15 year old executive ban on drilling for oil in the Outer Continental Shelf, the first step in a series of steps needed to finally permit American companies to produce more oil, adding to supply and ultimately, bringing down oil and gasoline prices. The continental shelf is the gently sloping […]

ANWR: The Inconvenient Truth (Part 1)

The inconvenient truth is revealed in these winter and summer photos of ANWR’s barren, coastal plain… . Using modern technology to explore for, and extract oil from a barren, frozen plain looks like this… ANWR is a wildlife refuge because of politics, not because God or an infallible natural law made it so. In a […]

Gas Pump Jive Part II: “Obscene” Windfall Profits

For decades government imposed laws and regulations have made exploration and drilling for oil here in America almost impossible. Politicians, especially Democrats, but including some Republicans, have long submitted to lobbying by anti-liberty leftists who invoke “the environment” to justify forbidding domestic energy production. The political elite rejects reasoned debate and rational policy for insipid […]

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